Strategic Positioning and Marketing Tactics Essay Sample

Strategic Positioning and Marketing Tactics

In this essay sample, we will discuss strategic positioning and marketing tactics.

Strategic planning and marketing tactics are two crucial pillars of marketing. Strategic planning helps a business to understand its position in the market and gives the strategies to beat the competition.

Besides, marketing tactics are the systematic execution of the marketing strategy and help an organization in promoting its product or services and influencing the market.

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Strategic Positioning

The strategic positioning of any business is the position that is both profitable and defendable. This position can be achieved by differential value and a distinctive value chain. When a business holds a market condition that is profitable and protectable. 

There are only two ways to create such a position: through differentiated products, or a distinctive value chain.


Differentiation means the products and services should be unique and valuable to your end consumers. Lower relative prices mean that the products and services should be delivered at a lower cost than competitors.

Distinctive Value Chain

Strategic positioning reflects the decisions that a business must make for the following two things:

1) The value that the goods and services offer to target customers.

2) How that value will be created differently from other companies. 

Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics are a set of actions aimed at promoting a business’s products or services.

In other words, marketing tactics are the strategic actions that direct the promotion of a product or service of a business to influence the market and achieve the specific market goals.


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Good Marketing Tactics

Good marketing tactics can leverage the most out of its limited financial resources. 

The following are some examples of marketing tactics:

  • Emailing existing and potential customers.
  • Connecting customers through social media services
  • Attending and Exhibiting in trade shows
  •  Advertising on TV, billboards, radio, internet.
  • Publishing articles in newspapers, magazines, and on starting own newsletters.

Effects of strategic positioning on marketing tactics

Strategic positioning is the key driver of marketing as it provides the base to create, evaluate, and improve marketing tactics. 

Moreover, positioning defines the product or service according to the requirements and buying characteristics of the customers. It also yields the target market with potential customers.


Segmentation recognizes the groups of potential consumers with similar buying habits, demographics, and needs. Moreover, when placing your product in the market, You must define the target customers and develop a strategy to approach them accordingly.


A targeting strategy suggests getting the customer society that is most likely to buy your product. You can even formulate a need beyond their imagination.


Positioning establishes your current position and your target position as an outcome of strategic marketing. Besides, Marketing achieves the target position via applying marketing strategies. Furthermore, based on a precise understanding of the demographics and psychographics of the target market audience.

Importance of strategic positioning and marketing tactics

If we are aware of our position in the market then only we can defeat the competition. Strategic positioning gives a business a better understanding of its competition. So that company can work on getting ahead of the competition. Positioning helps a business to decide whether to go with a unique product or service or to go with an existing one by serving differently. If the product or service already exists then how can we stand out from the crowd? If it does not exist then how do we make our market or customer adopt a new product or service?

The marketing tactics help us promote its new product in the market and existing product in a different way to attract customers and beat the competition.


Marketing tactics always come after marketing strategy and marketing strategy are based upon our strategic positioning. Positioning indirectly helps us to determine our market goals and in making a strategy to achieve them. A tech giant ‘Facebook’ is a great example of it. Previously, in the early years of Facebook, it had only a youth audience. But after analyzing its position, they have updated their product or service and marketing tactics to acquire old-age and teens too.

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