Strategic Marketing Strategy Tools Essay Sample

Strategic Marketing Strategy Tools MBA Essay, UAE

In this essay, we will discuss strategic marketing strategy tools.

A precise marketing strategy making requires many tools. Strategic marketing tools help you logically make the most critical decisions so that your final marketing strategy is effective, proper-illustrated, and practical. Setting up a marketing strategy has various frames.
Here, We will discuss the various crucial tools of a strategic marketing strategy focusing on a straightforward recommendation.

BMC(Business Model Canvas)

A BMC(business model canvas) is a single-page record. That helps marketers act over the basics of their business plans in an exclusive snap. Figuring this canvas will describe all related features that marketers must consider while describing marketing tactics.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT-analysis helps marketers investigate their company from a diplomatic prospect. It advises to grow on moments utilizing one’s forces and withdraw the intimidations and defeat vulnerabilities.
SWOT is a powerful marketing strategy tool adopted in companies to create marketing tactics. It analyzes intrinsic factors like Strengths and Weaknesses along with surface factors as Opportunities and Threats that may influence a business.


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Porters’ Five Forces Analysis

Porter’s five forces analysis has settled as an essential strategic marketing planning engine in market-based planning and businesses. Moreover, it helps with explaining the level of competing spirit within the industry.
Porter’s five forces analysis evaluates opportunity levels, risk, and profitability by five factors in a business.
Entry or Exit Bars

Customer Journey Map

Consumer route mapping is an excellent method to envision customer involvement. That aids during planning upcoming marketing strategies.
It is a tale about the client’s experience. That maps the actions the consumer pursues while involving with the business.
h2 — Positioning Diagram or Perceptual Map
Strategic marketers practice perceptual maps for analyzing products or services and to define their situation inside the market via how consumers understand these. Throughout the production, we use a positioning diagram to distinguish fresh produce.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix

A BCG brand holdings matrix helps with longer strategic marketing planning. Usually, It is a primary segment of a strategic marketing plan.
It is a structure to examine products concerning business share and maturity.
It helps enterprises get acknowledgment regarding merchandise or services. They ought to invest more to expand their market-share profits.

Marketing Segmentation Chart

The marketing segmentation chart performs a significant part within target marketing.
Moreover, Target marketing enables marketers in presenting individual explications to the particular demands of consumers.
Marketing segmentation is a procedure of splitting down the whole market into tinier uniform clubs of persons based on comparable wants, needs, and characteristics.


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Keller’s Brand Equity Model

Keller’s brand equity model supports marketers to develop and maintain a trademark for clients to feel strong and supportive.
It is titled the Customer-Based Brand Equity(CBBE) model.
Furthermore, It explains the strategy to recognize the client and develop marketing policies consequently.

Ansoff Matrix

The Ansoff matrix is a crucial cunning marketing devising engine. It is employed to acknowledge potential extension approaches for business.
Ansoff matrix is a strategic marketing planning tool to help companies develop their market and product extension policies. It holds four distinct growth strategies; Development, Market Product Development, Diversification, and Market Penetration.

Brand Identity Prism

Brand Identity Prism is a diagram that conceptualized the six elements of a brand’s identity and relations among them.
Businesses can use the diagram to make their brand recognized and communicate transparently about their product or service.
These elements of the prism are:

Strategy or Resource or Customer Matrix

The strategy matrix helps to evaluate the influence of a market section before determining the target market.
Having various strategic choices and mapping them can help in determining the most viable option.

Marketing Data Dashboard

A marketing data dashboard is a tool that helps in visualizing and creating marketing analysis. This tool gives insights into marketing
performance in real-time.

Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard(also known as BSC) is a convenient medium to monitor and control key performance pointers. Usually, Strategic marketing managers use this tool:
To decide which products, services, or projects to prioritize
To measure and track product marketing progress towards their purposes.

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