KIA Motors Case Study UAE

KIA Motors Case Study for UAE Students

In this case study sample, we will study KIA Motors and its history, and market position.

KIA Motors is a multinational automobile manufacturing company founded in 1944 in Korea by Kin Cheol-ho. Its headquarter is in Seoul, South Korea. Kia Motors is the second-largest automotive manufacturer in South Korea.


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 In 1998, Hyundai Motor Company acquired 51% of the KIA company to diversify by exchanging ownership between two companies. Now Hyundai Motor Company owns 33%( one-third) of Kia Motors with being the highest stack holder.

Kia motors manufacture SUV(Sport utility vehicle), Electrical cars or other EVs, crossovers, minivans, hybrids, and future channels.

Kia Motors aims to hold 6.6% of the global EV market with an investment of $2.5billions.  Besides, it expects to enhance its marginal profit by 6% and ROI by 10.6% by 2025. 

Current position in the Market

Kia Motors are the second-largest automotive manufacturer in Korea, holding the record of the highest sales of more than 3 million(3.05) vehicles in 2015.

Kia Motors expanded its business in 172 countries in 2019.  Kia Motors established its first unit in UAE in 2003 and continuously expanding since then. Its market value is about $8.5bn with 33% of the ownership held by Hyundai Motor Company.

Consumer perception about the brand Kia Motors

In the present scenario, customers come to your store after researching your brand, product, and service online. Hence, an excellent online presence becomes essential to influence the customers.

Kia is providing online and offline customer review services to increase consumer engagement on its platform. That helps Kia portray itself as a more open brand in front of the customer and helping the company to resolve customer issues instantly.

Moreover, Kia is getting lots of positive reviews from the customer on the website and promoting offline user reviews. For example, showroom visitors can see reports of consumer review scores.

Besides, Kia used online reviews on its recent events and TV campaign, prompting viewers to head online to check out people’s opinions who have bought its cars.

The sheer amount of reviews helps to increase trustworthiness too. Kia now has more than 4000 user reviews on the site, with the majority being positive.

Strategies Kia Motors using to increase sales:

Kia offers five years of the global warranty on 150,000 km driving distance against manufacturing defects. Moreover, The company is producing high-quality vehicles to gain more confidence in customers. Furthermore, dictating the residual value of pre-owned channels.

Besides, Kia is using a unified data strategy to reach more potential customers and increase sales. Kia is utilizing the data of current customers and non-customers who have the car and performing analysis to find more potential customers. Further, they are approaching only the potential customers directly to increase the sales.


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Kia is standing very strong in the automobile manufacturing market. But this position comes with some challenges. Some of those are listed below:

  • Maintaining customer’s trust in the brand
  • Delivering quality vehicle with advanced technology to stay ahead of the competition
  • Managing showrooms, dealers along with manufacturing units
  • Maintaining an online and offline presence and resolving customer issues on time.
  • Adopting market change and advanced technology
  • Launching EVs comes with new challenges, such as convincing the customers to adopt new tech vehicles in oil-dominated economies like UAE.
  • Opening and maintaining charging stations in UAE federals

Impact of customer perception

After starting the offline campaign, Kia has witnessed record site visitors and showroom sales as well.

  • Web traffic increased by 21% YOY at 3,383,249 visits.
  • Dealer website traffic was up by 72% at 487,124.
  • Vehicle registrations increased by 12% at 19,204.

Kia has managed to have mobile-optimized sites and gearing towards distinct customer habits.

For example, mobile users are more action-orientated and are looking to read reviews and find local dealers rather than request brochures. 

One effect of user reviews is that people are spending more time online on the site of Kia and taking action after doing so. 

Users reading reviews are:

  • 484% of users requested a brochure.
  • 300% more probable to schedule a test drive.
  • 509% of users are searching for a local Kia dealer.

Suggested Solutions

There are various things a corporation can do to boost its sales. Some of those discussed as follows:

  • Using relationship marketing strategy to build and maintain customer relationship
  • Using strategic marketing tools and models to identify the target audience and making marketing strategy accordingly
  • Using Data Science techniques to analyze market growth and predicting the market opportunities to make investment strategy
  • Continuously adopting market changes and advanced technologies by advancing a research and development team.

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