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Place Strategy Assignment, UAE

In this sample, we will discuss one of the marketing mix strategies, place strategy, which is related to product mix, 4 P of marketing. you can edit this essay sample for place strategy coffee shop or a restaurant in UAE

The marketing mix is a marketing concept to highlight the marketing plan of a service or product. It includes the four Ps of marketing Promotion, Product, Price, and Place. Place strategy is the organized marketing distribution process to put a company’s products or services to the customers. It performs an influential part in the selling tactics of the goods.

Moreover, the Place strategy describes the strategy of a company to distribute its goods and co-operations to gain customer purchase and market share. In other words, it is any distribution plan that includes offline and online stores or medians for the business to reach the customers.

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Various Place Strategies for UAE businesses

There are many place strategies in the market. Some of these are as follows:

Direct Sales

Direct sales strategy is the best strategy for the new company at the start. Besides, The strategy is beneficial when the product is at a limit or seasonal in essence. The initial advantage of personal sales is, the goods are delivered directly to consumers from the company.

Reseller Sales

Another way of placing the product in the market is by a third-party seller. The other party is helpful when the company intends to supply the goods to a wide range of the market and customers. Then the reseller or third party purchases the products and sells them to the consumer, including a percentage of the profit margin. Besides, This approach lessens the distribution operation pressure.


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Market Coverage

Every business has distinct goods and diverse conditions for shipping. Market coverage refers to a wide range of markets a firm desires its products to reach in the market.

  • Selective distribution is a standard approach for distributing and upscaling products. Only the researchers can sell those products that deal exclusively in high-quality products.
  • The intensive distribution discovers the most extensive market to distribute our product. A corporation with its services and products in money markets or different locations sometimes requires varying prices. Large corporations and businesses use this strategy to attain customers globally, like companies selling ice creams and chewing gum.
  • Exclusive distribution is a strategy when a company sells its product to only one seller. That seller has all exclusive rights over the goods of the company. Besides, he is the only supplier or seller of that particular product. 

Deciding Place strategy

Choose a convenient place near the target market

When businesses or corporations pick a site to spread their goods to the consumers, these must be ready near the end market, Whenever the firms sell out a large number of goods to satisfy the criteria. Since this comes beneath the marketing funds, the organization cut down the marketing resources in different styles to meet their place costs amongst the four Ps.

Ensuring the other Ps complement in the Place:

The 4Ps of marketing must complement each other. The Price, Promotion, and Product must synchronize with the Place. The non-synchronization among 4Ps can affect the business. For instance, a memorial store must be present at a tourist spot.


The inventory maintenance and the transportation medium will influence the product sales amounts and their characteristics. You may choose to ship in high quantities beyond borders or make it through retail to individual selves.

A manufacturer needs to thoroughly control the whole expenses by analyzing each factor necessary in making the product, like the purchase of the raw materials and the distribution strategy. Every distribution policy holds individual features, benefits, and limitations. Pick one that adequately fits your goods and market.

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