MKT 511 Marketing Management Assignment Sample UAE

MKT 511 Marketing Management Assignment Example UAE

The course MKT51 Marketing management assignment discusses potential market segments in the area of maternity care. The course explains the specialization of such a potential market segment and provides a marketplace for the wide range of products concerning mothers, babies, and infants.

In the course, students will learn about the organizational characteristics of potential market segments and encourage retail platforms. The UAE markets witnessed a decline in the potential market segment of mother care that needs to be taken into consideration and resulted in a positive market position.

The course also gives comprehensive knowledge for the targeted audience and exhibits dedication and stimulation towards the primary market target. The wide range of products makes the organization mother care an innovative products offerings that primarily focused on infant goods.

From clothes to furniture for the newborns, it inculcates everything in its ambit and the course critically assesses the position of the market for maternity care in the UAE.

During the program, the MKT511 Marketing management assignment helps educates the students about certain ways, methods, and marketing techniques that can boost the market of mother care.


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MKT 511 Marketing Management Course Learning Outcomes

In the end, the students will learn the following outcomes:-

1. Explain the meaning of marketing management and the scope of it for maternity care.

The well-known brand mother care delivers an extensive range of products in the markets of UAE the company provides a wide retail platform globally and the course MKT 511 Marketing management assignment course gives an in-depth knowledge of the merchandise that offers general product offerings for pregnant ladies, mothers, and infants.

It explains how the course marketing management proves beneficial for the brand like maternity care and what is the current position of the brand in the existing market of UAE. In the last few years, the sales value of the same decline in the negative indications and course illustrates the reasons for the situation.

It enables the students to search for an appropriate reason behind downfall and prepared a report assessing the current market of UAE along with suggestions for potential market segments. As it also characterized the potential marker segment that held the brand to make a new come back in the market and grow harmoniously.

2. What is Potential Market Segments and how it assists the brand to increase their revenue with new methods

Potential market segment refers to the classification of buyers into a small group or segments that provide support to the organization in finding their common needs, basic demands, preferences, choices, opinions, etc.

The course explains the meaning of market segmentation and how to classify the market and what would be the correct fundamentals to categorize the market into segments. The mechanism is of great importance as it helps in developing different strategies for the customers having the same purchasing behavior and helps in meeting the goals.

In the mother care, the course elaborates the reason for lessening its traditional target market and ways to identify the potential market segment.


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3. What are the modern scientific techniques that lead to an increase in sales ok a global level. How should organizations cope up with the new methods?

The course MKT511 Marketing management discusses various scientific ways that lead to an increase in sales globally. The establishment nowadays focuses on the digital platform via which revenue can be increased gradually.

In the course, we will discuss the issues and challenges faced by the organization in the current position of the market and focuses on the need to expand the same. It analyses the new target segment in the market and how to gain the attention of such a new market segment.

Yet, it is noteworthy that brand expansion, as well as operational activeness, is voluminous in the countries like UAE.

The course provides a convenient way through which customers’ attraction to the product offerings by the company can be availed. In the course, MKT511 marketing management provides the way to add a new segment in the brand of mother care such as that of girls.

As the majority of the potential segment lies in the girls’ age group and can target the middle as well as an elite class group.

4. How to target the potential market segment for an effective marketing management strategy.

One of the fundamentals of marketing management is to target the right audience at the right time and, notably, the size of the new market segment in UAE comprises of girls. The course includes ways to identify the competitors of brands like mother care and improve the quality of the same consistently. For marketing management in maternity care, it requires focusing on product innovation that persuaded new customers and retains them for a longer period.

The course also entails the option of targeting pregnant women as you find a suitable and convenient product for such women is like burning midnight oil. Yet, to include the target that can make a robust new market segment could be the best marketing management strategy. The course includes various other target groups that can be formed in a new market segment group such as, girls, pregnant’s women, the effectiveness of identified market segment, etc.

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