Porter’s Five Forces Principles Essay

Porter’s Five Forces Principles Essay

Porter’s five forces is a model in strategic management through which you can develop an understanding of the underlying business principles. Students doing management courses should develop an understanding of every component of the Porter five force model. It is a model in which every management student feels like they should understand. But many college-going students of UAE are not aware of the Porter five force model.

College-going students starting their case interview preparation procedure or preparing for the job it is very much crucial for them to gain knowledge about industry or market. Students often have a question on how to start an essay. If you are writing the essay on porter’s five forces then you should start your essay by writing Porter five forces definition. Below is a sample that you can use for writing an essay. But still, If you are struggling to write an essay then you can avail essay writing help from us. By filling the form and placing an order you can get your assignment complete by experts.


Porter’s five forces are basically a framework that helps companies in clearly analyzing their competitive strategies. It assists companies in determining the strength of different competitive forces. By applying the Porter five force model you can easily determine the long-term business profitability and level of competition in the industry. Developing an understanding of competition and determining how your business stacks up against its marketing strategies, is essential for any organization’s success. At the time of utilizing porters, five forces in business students should determine the nature of the industry. After developing an understanding of underlying principles students can easily abstract extract insights from the model that fits into your unique condition and apply them to your business plan for example restaurant.

By using the specific model you will be able to properly analyze the business problem. The essay mainly emphasizes analyzing the effect of different forces on business. An essay also includes an explanation of porters five forces these are the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitutes, the threat of rivalry among the existing firm, bargaining power of buyers and suppliers.


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Components of Porters five forces

Many students face issues in applying the five forces then don’t worry you can take marketing assignment help from our experts. The 5 key forces which shape the market competition are:

The threat of new entrants

The threat of entry of a new firm in an industry is completely dependent on the number of barriers. According to porter, there are basically six barriers to entry these are:

Economies of scale

The decrease in unit costs of goods might force the new firm to enter on a large scale and risk a strong reaction from firms already in the industry,

Requirement of capital

The requirement of huge capital may restrict a firm from entering into a specific industry.

High switching costs

It is a cost that the buyer has to bear from switching from one supplier to another.

Cost disadvantage

Existing companies have already has been successful in gaining customer loyalty and in capturing market share. It would be quite difficult for a news organization to attract customers and capture market share. Existing enterprises already have product technology, access to raw materials, favorable sites, advantages in the form of government subsidies, and experience.


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Bargaining power of suppliers

Suppliers have a great influence on the industry. They can completely control the increase or decrease in the quality and price of products. As per porters five forces model a supplier group exerts even more power over an industry if it is dominated by a few enterprises.

Bargaining power of buyers

According to porter five forces, the bargaining power of buyers is high when there are several companies in an industry is selling the same products or services. In case several firms are selling the same goods then the buyer can force companies to reduce the price of goods.

The threat of substitute in porters five forces model

Substitute goods are a result of competition in the industry. The launch of substitute products can have an adverse influence on the profitability of enterprises selling similar products.

 The intensity of competition among rivalries

Competition and rivalries between firms competing in the same market or industry develop automatically. Competitors by using unique strategies such as advertisements, the launch of new products attract customers. Companies by implementing unique marketing strategies try to achieve a leading position in the market. They also intend to increase their market share. According to porter’s five forces model, the intensity of this rivalry is the result of factors like slow growth within an industry, and the high risk of industry exit. There are also market entry barriers.

Note: This is just a sample of essay on porter five force model. But when you are writing a complete essay then you should include porters five fore model example. It is the tactics which will help you in achieving good marks for the essay.

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