5CO01 Organizational performance and culture in practice CIPD Level 5 Assignment

5CO01 Organizational performance and culture in practice CIPD Level 5 Module 1 Assignment Sample

This unit examines the connections between business structure and the workplace in a corporate context. It also considers factors that may impact strategy, workforce planning as well as culture play an important role in change management at organizations

This course offers insight into how structural conditions can affect different aspects of company success – including decision making, productivity levels among others.

All businesses, regardless of size and industry are faced with a common challenge. Despite differences in workforce management styles or structures across companies big enough to make headlines for decades on end – from IBM’s legendary ‘ bureaucracy block’ structure down through small mom & pop shops- they all have something important in common: what we term the 8th Wonder Of The World today may very well be tomorrow’s hardship if it goes unchecked! In this course, you will explore how organizations can use data analytics tools not only as frameworks but also as triggers for change within your own business environment so that everyone works together towards success rather than against one another.


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CIPD Level 5 Module 1 Assignment Task 1: Understand the connections between organizational structure, strategy, and the business operating environment.

The organizational structure of an organization that determines the reporting relationships between managers and their employees, is a strategic decision. Research has shown that each different organizational design (centralized, decentralized, project-based, etc) can be effective depending on what type of growth or decline the business is experiencing.  If however the environment of the company changes then its appropriate managerial structure may need to change. This would typically happen if growth becomes too fast for companies to manage alone e.g towards oligopolies which require joint ventures with other firms or rapid decline in revenues will make it necessary for them to consolidate or close down operations altogether.

It is important to have the appropriate structure in order to execute your strategy. Moreover, structuring an organization can be helpful to locating people or pursuing opportunities with their skills, abilities, or interests. Organizations need competitive advantages relative to competitors for profitable prosperity, and structuring provides the basis for differentiation by giving companies access to insights about markets, technology leadership, and organizational dynamics.

Structural identification creates managerial efficiency; structural simplicity facilitates the acquisition of new skills (both human and technological); structural leverage enhances profitability; structural permanence inhibits organizational innovation; spatial proximity fosters the development of interpersonal relationships that facilitate coordination needed for innovation; structuration within organizations promotes cohesion which enhances interest in organizational performance etc.

CIPD Level 5 Module 1 Assignment Task 2: Analyse external factors and trends and assess business priorities and issues including the scale of technology within organizations.

Several changes in recent decades have both enhanced and undermined the relevance of geographical proximity as a proxy for cooperation and proximity as an indicator of size. Clearly one of the most important technological developments has been telecommuting, which means that someone working from an office halfway across the country can easily communicate with colleagues or customers just down the street—or even on another continent. Another change is that internal collaboration tools such as instant messaging systems allow far-flung workers to keep abreast of goings-on elsewhere without leaving their desks. Yet a third development is a growth in franchising, franchising companies can partner up with distant affiliates to maintain what might otherwise be unwieldy networks—essentially outsourcing certain domestic tasks abroad.

One significant change that companies should be aware of is the scale of technology within organizations. In a digital world, people are increasingly operating through screens and touchscreens – from tablets to mobile devices to interactive kiosks. Technology has increased convenience for consumers who prefer these methods, but it can make it less likely for employees to socialize or connect with customers, which might make it harder for workers to establish personal relationships with customers.


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CIPD Level 5 Module 1 Assignment Task 3: Interpret theories and models of organizational and human behavior and the drivers for change.

There are many models of organizational behavior and human behavior. Motivation is one key area that most models focus on, but they differ significantly in terms of their definition of motivation, the level to which they view it as something within the individual’s control, and their views on whether it can be enhanced by rewards or fundamentally altered with conditioning.

Behavioral theories provide operational definitions of motivation by focusing on observable behaviors instead of thoughts or feelings. They identify environmental events that motivate people. Behaviorists focus mainly on positive reinforcement-like forms of motivation – how rewards, praise, approval, etc., reinforce desired behaviors in a person over time – but these are not always enough to explain what motivates an individual beyond early childhood years.

If motivated people are at the heart of any successful businesses, then building a great company culture should be one of your top priorities – culture is an investment, not an expense.


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CIPD Level 5 Module 1 Assignment Task 4: Examine how to build diversity and inclusion that aims to promote a positive culture.

There was a time when the company required employees to be nothing short of perfect. The best resume, grades, and experience. You were cool as long as you could answer those pesky interview questions about why the sky is blue without any hesitation. But now, times have changed! Companies are understanding that interacting with all different types of people keeps an organization feeling fresh and full of energy.

Companies want diversity to fully understand their consumers and clients in a way that promotes a positive culture through rich dialogue, constant give-and-take, and genuine collaboration. If companies dedicate themselves to fostering diversity & inclusion initiatives from top-to-bottom – from the leadership team down – they will see these benefits come back tenfold or more.

CIPD Level 5 Module 1 Assignment Task 5: Evaluate the relationship between the employee lifecycle and your work and how people practice connects and supports people and organizational strategies to ensure business goals are delivered in line with customer requirements.

The employee lifecycle refers to the character of individuals’ work careers, which go through periods called early transition, organizational entry or incorporation, major activity cycles, early retirement phases.

This reflects the idea that organizations have needs during different stages of their life cycle – whether they are getting set up for the first time or evolving rapidly after a period of success. People practicing connects and supports people and organizational strategies by providing practitioners with relevant knowledge about each phase in order to support them to fulfill their potential as “change managers” who can help shape organizational strategy.

Every organization has a different Employee Lifecycle and connecting with people at particular points in the Employee Lifecycle is key to being an effective employee. This means you’re going to have to shift your style according to where people are on their Employee Lifecycle journey.

 The “employee lifecycle” is something that has been frequently used in our company culture. Firstly, it acknowledges the importance of not only the employee but their experience. Secondly, it empowers people to learn new skills and keep themselves updated on the latest industry trends. Last but not least, it connects people with organizational strategies.

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