CIPD 5eng Introduction to Employee Engagement Assignment Example UAE

CIPD 5eng Introduction to Employee Engagement Assignment Example UAE

A standard professional course by CIPD Level 5 in employee engagement that provides extensive knowledge in developing employee workforce that ensures growth and productivity of employees.

The students in this course will explore a different way for increasing engagement of employees in the organization and lead to increase the shared goals. Students in this course will undergo with competency to analyze the employee relationship and management in the business.

For the learners who wish to pursue their career in HR or any area of HR practice, this course proves to be fruitful for them. It explains to the students about principles and elements of employee engagement in the organization.

The course pertains to distinguish employee engagement from other organizational concepts such as coaching and mentoring, employee management, reward management, employee relationship, resource talent, etc.

The principle that helps in striving the employee engagement will discuss in this course such as engaging management, employee voice, integrity, strategy workforce, etc and derive the benefits of an engaged workforce in the organization.


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In the business, it not only includes employer and employee but also involves the shares of the stock exchange, stakeholders, etc. It explains the stages from which the employer creates a healthy working atmosphere for the employee and helps in meeting the organizational objectives.

CIPD 5eng Introduction to Employee Engagement Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students will able to learn the following outcomes:-

1. Understand the intrinsic concepts of employee engagement, and how this facilitates business improvement.

The course CIPD level 5 in employee engagement integrates the knowledge, skills, and competencies to enhance the organization goals and employee overall performance In the business. It delivers knowledge on a certain integral part of employee engagement that drives in developing an engaged workforce for obtaining the objective of the organization successfully.

The learners in this course get familiar with different methods and ways to boosts employee engagement and promote shared goals.

With the help of effective communication between employees and employer results in employee engagement and stimulates business development.

The unit in CIPD level 5 in employee engagement provides the platform for the learners to understand the role and responsibilities of the human resource department.

2. Explain the connections between employee engagement, leadership, and HR strategies within the workplace, and how these impact development of HR.

The HR professionals, not py involves the responsibility of recruiting and selection process but closely associated with different aspects of the organization such as leadership, employee engagements, etc.

And learners in this course will explore how these fields and a dress are closely interconnected that one practice influences the other. The connection between employee engagement, leadership, and HR strategies is in proportion to organizational performance.

The HR professionals formulate the strategies in a manner that boosts the employee engagement, leadership, and development of the business.

3. Explore the contribution of employee engagement to the success of the organization.

The success and failures of any organization depend upon its employees, coordination, employer, and the relation between employer and employee. Indeed, employee engagement is one of the core aspects of the success of any organization.

The contribution of employee engagement is directly proportioned to the success of such an organization and this course explains the significance and way to increase the contribution of employee engagement.

The participation of employee engagement decides the productivity level of the organization and determines the factor that leads to strengthening the engagement.


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4. Identify the impact of employee engagement to the development of a high-performing environment in the workplace.

The course employee engagement involves the techniques to develop and retain coordination among employees that benefitted the productivity level. There are certain cognitive dimensions of employee engagement that play an indispensable role in the growth of the organization and motivates the employee for high performance.

To meet the desired organization objective requires a healthy environment where the workforce could engage on a higher level. The impact of employee engagement creates a strong influence on the development of high performing environment in the workplace.

The impact of employee engagement can be determined with the help of various research methods and how it leads to the development of high performing environment in the workplace.

5. Be able to develop justified, cost-effective, and strategic actions that are meant to promote employee engagement.

In this course, learners will get the opportunity to experience a sense of belonging in the organization. The HR professional formulates cost-effective strategies for employee engagement so that to boosts organizational performance.

The course enables the students to formulae and take strategic action for the betterment of organization performance and promote employee engagement. The HR professionals know how to develop and justified cost-effective means to enhance the engagement of employees.

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