CIPD 5CNS Developing and Using Consultancy Skills Assignment Example ADU UAE

CIPD 5CNS Developing and Using Consultancy Skills Assignment Sample ADU UAE

A standard professional degree course CIPD level 5 in Developing and using consultancy service provides a skill to the learners in two major aspects of business that are human resource department and leadership.

The course provides a way to learn the skills of two different areas simultaneously, as many times human resource discipline requires consultancy skills in evaluation, analysis, negotiations, etc. Developing and using consultancy skills is one of those skills in the organization that help in fulfilling the purpose and goal of the business.

With the help of such skills, professionals can provide a better solution to their customers and work on the issues raised by potential clients. The course aims to develop the understanding of consultancy in the learners and enable them to identify distinct skills and methods for acquiring expeditious consultancy.

The role of consultancy in every organization is specific and handles the job of external as well as internal manifestation. The module proves to be significant for those who are going to pursue HR in their career and would love to work as an HR professional.


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This course makes the students confident enough to deal with every challenging issue and clients specific problems that ultimately result in the development of the organization. The course develops critical, analytical as well as social skills in the followers of this unit and meets the issues of the business.

CIPD 5CNS Developing and Using Consultancy Skills Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, the students will able to learn the following outcomes and to demonstrate the following concepts:-

1.Understanding the term consultancy and give the common stages of the consulting process.

In this course, CIPD Level 5 in developing and using consulting skills defines the term consultancy with the nature and scope of it in any organization. To understand any concept, the most important aspect is to understand the definition of it.

The course will give detailed knowledge about the states of consulting process. It explains different methods and techniques of consultancy, as organizations can avail the benefit of consultancy skills via internal or external consultants.

The course briefly gives details of consultancy areas and agreements to approach consultancy in distinct areas such as in public organization, governmental or non-government organization, etc. The students of this course will be taught ethical views to practice the consultancy skills.

The stages of consulting process involve several in which the very first is to identify the need for consultancy in any organization and then expectation, analyze data, solution for the problem, recommendation, etc.

2.The student should be able to compare and contrast different types of consultancy as well as identify the stages of the consultancy process.

Developing and using consultancy skills is not that easy but this module and the experts of Abu Dhabi University make it simple and prove to understand the stages of consulting skills.

The learner will be able to compare and contrast different types of consultancy and which type of constancy is required to address the issues of the organization.

Effective consulting skills can not only solve the problem and changes of the business but also help in enhancing the productivity of the organization.

3. Build a relationship with their clients. Learners will be able to work with the clients to assess the problem or opportunity that needs to be acted on to achieve the desired outcome.

The major function of the consultants in the organization is to build a strong and athletic relationship with the clients and this could only possible by understand the problems of the customers and provide a solution to them.

This course enables the students to work as a consultant in the organization and achieve the desired result to increase the potential customers in the business. The learners of this module develop the problem identification skills by conducting interviews, meetings, negotiations with client’s so to address the concerned problems.

The influential consultant of any organization is the one who knows how to deal with the problems and strives towards solutions. The course poses solution driving skills in the students so that minimum risk with the maximum outcome can be drawn.


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4.The consultants will also work with the client to assess possible solutions and recommendations.

The course CIPD level 5 in developing and using consultancy skills provide a way to the students to assess the problems and solution in relation the client-specific problems. It provides help in formulating recommendations via reports that can be progress or simple oral reporting.

This will result in business sustainability and ways to about future concerns. To increase the productivity level in any organization, it is important to satisfy the needs of the potential clients, and effective consultants by addressing the common problems can do so with ease.

The course objective is to meet the needs of the organization by identifying solutions and formulate a progress report for the same.

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