CIPD 5HRD Contemporary Developments in Human Resource Development Assignment Example UAE

CIPD 5HRD Contemporary Developments in Human Resource Development Assignment Sample UAE

A keen learner of the human resource should opt for this course, as the module includes extensive knowledge skills and competencies in the development of the core area of the organization that is human resources.

The students opting for this course will get the opportunity to learn and explore different strategies that aid in human resource development.

The course contemporary developments in human resource development is the course accomplished by standard professional degree named as a chartered institute of personnel and development.

The unit involves various techniques and means that boost the development of human resource discipline that ultimately increase organizational performance.

The students who want to pursue their career in the human resource department should take this course as an opportunity to scrutinize different aspects and the future of HR professionals. As no organization could function expeditiously without the existence of a robust HR department.


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And the consistent development of such debarment is a mandate requisite to meet the challenging situation. With the advent of technological advancement, change management becomes an integral aspect of human resource development.

Yet, the course discusses all such means to achieve the ends of the organization.

CIPD 5HRD Contemporary Developments in Human Resource Development Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, students will able to learn the following outcomes:-

1.Have an understanding of the approaches that are significant in enhancing HRD development.

The course enables the students to seek those approaches that resulted in the development of human resource and boosts the functioning of the organization.

If the human resource department develops that means the overall organization performance will enhance so it is important to take note of all the issues seriously and address those issues with distinct approaches of human resource.

The methods of addressing such human resource issues will be explained in this module by the experts of Abu Dhabi University. The development should include all the advance and contemporary techniques and ensure the growth of the organization.

2.Be able to identify the external factors, trends, and data that impact HRD practice.

Several factors lay influence on the growth and development of than resource. Some of these external factors could be economic, political, competition, technology, etc.

The learners address different concepts that involve external trends, data of the existing market position, etc promote underdevelopment of human resources.

The course involves theories, models, and other methods that play a significant role in human resource development. The course critically analyzes population data, location, demographics, labor market, market position, etc that provides support in human resource development.

3.Understand the contribution of HRD practice in developing professionals and developing the organizations as well.

The course involves the human resource practice that assists in improving the employee’s performance as well as that of the organization. The chartered institute of personnel and development level 5 in human resource development is the unit that insight the knowledge, skills, and competencies.

The module is the assistance to the students that prepares them to pursue their career in HR as a human resource professional and take the business to the next level. With the help of an active contribution from the HR profession, the organization’s productivity could take a lead in the market.

From formulating a high-performing employees team to evaluate the organization’s performance, the development of the human resource department is required in line organization’s purpose.

The unit in human resource development furnishes a way to carry out the organization function in a healthier manner. Human resource development involves the enlistment of employees in carrying out the function of the human resource area.

This helps the students to develop the HR practices and improve the professionalism aspect in HR professionals. With time, organizations need to change it’s working mechanism, recruitment, and selection process, practice in the human resource department and all such changes can only be done with the help of distinct strategies towards the development of human resources.


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4.Models of HRD and applications of the same in professional and leadership development

The followers of this course will get to learn different models of human resource development that encourage the leadership aspect in the organization. The effective models used by HR professionals to develop leadership, employee performance, and implementing the strategies will lead to professional development.

In this unit, the learners address issues and challenges to meet the business sustainability and provide an opportunity to get educated about different HR practices.

The learners of this module will evaluate and identify the education programs, models of human recurve development. This CIPD course gives a continued professional development approach to the HR professionals and obtains the purpose of the organization.

These help the students in determining how these learning objectives resulted in leadership and professional development.

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