5HRF Managing and Co-ordinating the Human Resources Function Sample ADU

5HRF Managing and Co-ordinating the Human Resources Function Example ADU UAE

The course 5HRF Managing and coordinating human resource function by ADU describe the organizational function of one of the core branch of any enterprise that HR. Human Resource is known for its work that is handling all the work about employee whether it’s an appointment, salary, relation, etc.

The course illustrates the responsibility of HR function and what is the working mechanism of the post. With the help of contemporary changes in organization and business, the functions of HR also change so the course also explains the ethical, professional, and social relations of the HR function.

The course gives a brief outlook as regards the objectives of the course and explains how the function of HR varies from one sector to other. As every organizational sector holds the position of HR but it is possible that the function of the same distinguished.

The course also explains certain theories that facilitate the teachings on change management. It provides the role and responsibilities that the post of HR holds and how effective HR management gives a robust growth in the stipulated organizational sector.

The course includes not only subjective matter but also furnishes practical knowledge to the students where they are instructed to prepare a report.


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5HRF Managing and Co-ordinating the Human Resources Function Course Learning Outcomes

Pursue your career as an HR recruiter in any organization as in the end, students will be able to learn the following outcomes:-

1. Understand the purpose and key objectives of the HR function in contemporary organizations.

The course 5HRF managing and coordinating the human resource function delivers the teachings for the objective of the role in any contemporary organization. It should elaborate the role and responsibilities of the HR function in any department and how the function varies from one establishment to another.

It describes how the function of HR affects building organization, job design, capabilities of staff, evaluating the performance of employees, and promoting a skilled and experienced employee.

2. Understand how HR objectives are delivered in different organizations.

The course 5HRF includes the function of HR in the different organizational sectors and how HR is responsible for the maintenance of human capital. It gives in-depth knowledge as to how HR evaluated the performance of each individual and to what extent it contributes to achieving the organization’s goals.

All such tasks and responsibilities bestow to the department of human resource and the course gives an extensive view of how such responsibilities should be enforced. To attain the organizational goals, the course includes certain theories and a notable point that the organizational function of human resources may also vary.

The course explains where the difference lies in the working mechanism of HR from one organization to the other.

The course undertakes the objectives of HR in different sectors but also educates the similarity of the function of HR in every organization and some of them are employee-related tasks.

From selecting the application to evaluate the performance of the employee, HR conduct all such activities and the course illustrates a way of conducting such activities effectively.


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3. Understand how the HR function can be evaluated in terms of value-added and organization performance.

The course involves the understanding of major change theories, models, and different approaches that find relevancy in evaluating HR and organizational performance.

It also discusses certain traditional theories such as Lewins three-phase models and other approaches for the HR function that can be evaluated. It incorporates the metrics, balanced scorecard, surveys, data collection, evaluates performance his bench arming, etc that helps the organization to examine in terms of value-added.

The course was designed by experts of Abu Dhabi University designed to show how the approach operated and evaluated in any establishment.

4. Understand the relationship between organizational performance and effective HR management and development.

Many times the course only comprises subjective knowledge but this course 5HRF Managing and Coordinating the human resource function gives a practical approach to the students. In this, they ask to create the bridge between organizational performance and HR management.

In this course, the students instruct to prepare the article where they need to link the relationship between HR service and organizational performance. Moreover, it also creates the connection that exists and resulted in positive outcomes. Yet, the course plays a significant role in determining the relationship and broaden the core of any enterprise.

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