MGMT 610 Strategic Human Resources Management Assignment Sample UAEU

MGMT 610 Strategic Human Resources Management Assignment Sample UAEU, UAE

This sample is a solution of assignment on strategic human resource management under the course MGMT 610.

This course is designed to examine the strategic challenges faced by senior managers in formulating and administering human resources policies and procedures in different types of organizations. Contemporary issues related to strategic human resources management, human resource planning, job/work analysis, hiring, training, performance management, and compensation will be examined. There is no prerequisite for this course.

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MGMT610 Strategic Human Resources Management course Learning Outcomes

Strategic human resource management involves a future-oriented process of developing and implementing hr programs that address and solve business problems and directly contribute to major long-term business objectives. The students will learn:

1.Assemble Evidence From A Variety Of Sources To Develop A View On Strategic Hr Concerns Of The Uae. 

The human resource department stands as one of the essential departments of any organization or business. Businesses are often struck by risks ranging from workplace violence to recruitment issues. All industries face several issues that can emerge internally, and these issues must be solved by their respective HR management. 

The following are the top 5 hr challenges in UAE:

  • Compliance: The disconnection between HR and compliance is one of the major hr challenges in the banking sector. For small businesses, employee misclassification becomes the most common compliance challenge. Failure to comply is common in small businesses, and it can be a costly mistake, irrespective of being intentional or unintentional.
  • Recruitment: recruiting is one of the biggest challenges for human resource management in various industries. It has become difficult to find suitable candidates for even entry-level positions. Pre-employment assessments are the problem behind the recruitment challenge.
  • Conflict Resolution: Ignoring the conflict in the workplace can cost both money and time while growing the business exponentially. Conflict resolution is one of the most concerning hr challenges in businesses. In a professional training and coaching firm, 85% of employees in businesses experience conflict in their workplace. Employee retention rates and morale are likely to dampen if the HR management could not properly handle conflict resolution.
  • Investment in Talent management: HR managers in hospitals have to secure funding to attract the best workers and offer them competitive benefits. The funding includes the financial plans of the hospital along with competitive salaries. Securing such funding is one of the major hr challenges in hospitals. As a result of offering competitive salaries, the high-performing workers can be retained, but the ROI, as well as patient satisfaction, faces a direct impact.
  • Employee Retention: Many employees in the hospitality sector don’t consider working in hotels as their ultimate professional goal. Thus, they plan on working on a short-term basis in hotels and leave their jobs soon. Some employees even have to be fired due to their low-grade job performance. Due to these reasons, employee retention becomes one of the biggest hr challenges in hotels.

2.Demonstrate Their Unique Perspective On The Importance Of Strategic Thinking To Hr Issues.

HR Management (more on the definition) is business expertise that aims to build a sustainable competitive advantage. The essential part of the procedure is strategic thinking. The HR leader has to evaluate and assess the status of the HR Management function, procedures and processes critically. No innovation in HR Management can be introduced without a fair and honest view of the HR Management’s performance and productivity.

It plays a critical role in the development of the new HR Strategy and major updates of HR Processes and Procedures. It links outputs of preparatory sessions with the development of the new HR vision that drives all significant changes in Human Resources. The HR Planning is a critical user of brainstorming sessions focused on the future of HR Management in the organization.

3.Work In Teams To Develop Judgments On The Suitability Of Various Hr Strategies For Businesses.

This framework follows a 6-step approach towards defining strategy and delivering value:

  1. Understand the business strategy – this is about understanding the market forces and identifying how they impact HR strategy and priorities.
  2.  Define HR strategy – in this second step, you create a roadmap about how HR aligns its strategy and how it helps to build a competitive advantage for the organization.
  3. Segment HR customers – not all HR customers are equal. In the third step, you segment your different (internal) customer groups and identify the most crucial ones. Different customer groups require different policies and approaches.
  4.  Prioritize HR investments – your HR budget and other resources are limited. Prioritize the investments that benefit your key customers and that provide the best ROI. A good technique for prioritizing these investments is calculating an ROI through HR costing.
  5.  Design HR services – in this phase, you will go through all the HR focus areas and analyze and identify all the processes that should be streamlined or re-engineered.
  6. Ensure the right HR service delivery model – in this step, you will assess the current HR service delivery model and assess how effectively it helps to meet the organization’s goals. 

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