CIPD Level 5 DVP Assignment Example UAE

CIPD Level 5 DVP Assignment Sample UAE

The course Chartered institute of personnel and development level 5 discusses developing professional practice in learners. It bestows the skills, ethics, values, and morals in the students to use the same while performing their task.

The course holds a crucial place in the growth of the learners in their profession and secures that they comply with the skills in performing their role in any organization.

The course accomplished by CIPD is known to be a standard professional degree for development, especially in the HR department. The module involves various professional practices that find their place in the areas of HR practice.

The HR professionals should know how to use knowledge, skills, and behavior in their profession and this course will help them in assimilating the same within themselves.

The CIPD course furnishes a standard degree to the students pursuing their career in Human resources and work as a guide for personal development. During the program, learners digest all the skills and grab the opportunity to consistently uplift their skills in functioning the role in the organization.

The course enables the students to assess their performance as what they have learned so far and up to what extent they observe their growth and development in the industry. This would help them in judging their achievements as well as failure and to work on their weaknesses.

Therefore, the course helps them in accumulating their personal growth in the career and obtain interpersonal skills.


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CIPD Level 5 DVP Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will able to explore the following learning outcomes:-

1. Be able to understand the contribution of the HR professional to the organization

CIPD level 5 in Developing professional practice give a brief overview as to how HR professional contributes in any organization and what are the role and responsibilities of the said profession in the establishment.

The HR department is any business is the area that is accountable for administering and supervising the executive practices to meet the organizational goals.

The Human resource professionals are identified as one of the keen experts of thinker that recruit the high talents for the effective functioning of the business.

2. Learn the techniques used by the management in the context of Human Resources

The students undertaking this course will able to explore different methods to enhance the functioning of Human resources in the organization and identify the systematic management process. The course prepares the students to use management skills and techniques. The Human resource experts are recognized as professional thinkers of the organization and provide a robust base in the progress of the business. In this course, students able to carry out different and distinct functions of the organization and inbuilt the experiences to develop their career.

3. Be able to effectively identify and use problem-solving techniques in the context of Human Resources

In any business, the HR experts face several issues during work but this course provides problem-solving techniques to deal with such issues. To take an appropriate decision for issues requires conducting the research analysis and after scrutinizing the report, an amicable decision should be taken.

Professionals of HR should reckon decision-making tools and address the challenges with the help of such methods. In this course, the learners avail themselves of the skills of solving the conflicts in the best possible manner that incorporate collaboration, interpersonal skills, accommodation, etc.

These skills will enhance the development chart of the employees.

4.Be able to identify the elements of group dynamics

In this course, CIPD Level 5 DVP Assignment example introduces the essential elements of group dynamics. It also explains the influence of such elements on the professional development of employees.

Group dynamics play an indispensable role for any organization as distinct teams are working for stipulated departments and at such a place group dynamics come into the scenario.


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5.Be able to identify examples of conflict resolution methods.

The course elucidates instances of conflict resolution methods that provide backbone support in resuming inter as well as intra conflicts in the business. The conflict resolution methods solve the key issues that might come across in any organization and professionals of HR require to be well versed with such methods.

The HR professionals need to understand such resolving methods as they need to manage the several departments and persuade different people.

6. Learn how to influence, persuade, and negotiate with others for the development of solutions for a better outcome

Professionals of HR is among one of the core units of any organization that engages in persuading high talent to the business, negotiate with a different group and therefore, such persuading, negotiating skills plays a crucial role. The course prepares the students to obtain such skills and able to bargain with other business, employees, etc. The students should be ready to gain such skills and extract positive outcomes from them. These skills help the students to formulate new positive behavior.

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