MKTG 420 Strategic Marketing Management Assignment Example UAEU

MKTG 420 Strategic Marketing Management Assignment Sample UAEU

In MKTG420 Strategic Marketing management assignment offered by UAEU concerning marketing skills. The arena of marketing is like a sea and sky that requires an in-depth study. A business is an empty vacuum without effective marketing strategies.

The course’s main vision is to enlighten the students with marketing strategies so that to run any corporate amicably. The appropriate marketing plan is fuel to any corporate that constructively administers the business.

The course enables the student to prepare hard and fast marketing plans that gear up the business. I’m the main objective of the course is to facilitate proper training and learning of the different marketing strategies, policymaking, distinguished models. In the current scenario, every stream calls for experts in marketing management.

The course furnishes a chance to earn as much as you can.


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Assignment Solutions of MKTG 420 Strategic Marketing Management

United Arab Emirates University focusses on the key features of the programs and bestows the following outcomes:-

Students can comprehend the below-mentioned areas-

Apply Marketing Strategy, Models, And Principles In A Real-Time Situation.

In MKTG 420, students are going to learn and examine different types of strategic marketing tools that will be going to guide policymaking.

From planning to implementing a marking strategy, is being covered by this course. To apply the best possible technique at the right time in a business is required to be a successful marketer. From the experience of the market, evaluating the current position of the market through certain principles is wrapped in this course.

Thereafter, to find out a real-time solution that could be applicable with relevancy. In any corporate, the key factor is to take accurate policy and decisions.


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Discuss Important Strategic Marketing Concepts Such As Mission, Objective, Strategic Group, Sustainable Competitive Strategy, Positioning, Experience Curve, Portfolio Analysis And Scenarios.

The MKTG 420 strategic marketing management assignment is all about learning different areas of trade and dealings.

With the help of targeting and positioning UAE, we will analyze the market position and determine the best possible solution. In this Covid situation, the toughest role is for marketers to provide fruitful ways to cope up with the situation.

The mission of this course is to critically analyze the function of marketing and take the establishment to its peak. The strategic marketing management by UAEU helps the students to decode the technical curves and adopt a sustainable competitive strategy that not only helps the present but also focuses on the future growth of the company.

In the pandemic phase, competition becomes a cutthroat one that requires a relevant policy decision in such a competitive situation.

Formulate Competitive Strategies And Positioning For A Business Within A Given Market Context.

To dominate a business could only be possible with an ethical market management strategy and the course MKTG 420 covers from tracing a current position of the market to developing a method.

The perceptual map positioning to market segmentation chart assists to understand the position. The course incorporates various methods such as analysis of maps, charts, curves, graphs, SWOT analysis, etc.

The course embodies certain research work to examine the market position to deduce the strategic work. The course is an aggregate of all marketing elements to formulate a framework of competitive strategy.

The tools for marketing are meant to be used at the relevant stage in any business and the course educates the students to understand the core objective of every aspect and concept of marketing thoroughly.

Identify Critical Issues That Affect Successful Implementation Of Marketing Strategy Present These Issues Both Written And Orally In A Group Project.

No marketing strategy comes without challenges and in MKTG 420, we are going to scrutinize the issues that influence the implementation and how to handle it.

The course prepared the students to face every issue that comes in the way of successful implementation of marketing management and to work flexibly. To regulate the market position after foreseeing all the possible probabilities is one of the best ways for the successful execution of marketing strategy.

The marketing leadership is required to critically analyze the issues and underlines the factors that cause an impact on the execution of it.


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Identify The Strategies That May Be Used To Create Competitive Advantage And Apply These Strategies In A Written Report.

After academic learning of strategic marketing management, the course offered by UAEU instructs the students to conduct empirical research and thereafter, conclude it in the form of a report.

This report includes the overall learning snatched by the students during the program and observes an appropriate strategy for a competitive market.

The report helps the students to carry out it skills and capabilities that are being learned during the program. Moreover, it also enables the university to analyze the performance of each student throughout the program and to observe the student knowledge in respect of strategic marketing management.

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