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This course analyses the socio-economic and structural characteristics of North African, European countries. It assesses the opportunities/challenges in development economics, focusing on the Gulf region. Topics covered in the paper include the development of oil industries and labor markets. It examines the downfalls of Changing demographics.

Development economics focuses on the Social and economic conditions in developed countries. Development economics emphasizes the factors like work environment, Economy health,  International and Domestic policies.

It analyses market situations to improve the financial conditions of the poorest countries.

This branch of economics examines both the macroeconomic element and microeconomic element. It assesses elements related to the structure of the developing economy.

Key factors of development economics

  • Economics aims to improve the social-economic and fiscal conditions of a country.
  • Development economics focuses on working conditions, health, and education, market Conditions.
  • Application of development Economics is of varied nature. It changes with the Economic, cultural, and social framework.
  • Development economics shapes macroeconomic and microeconomic policies. It aims to improve the financial condition of the countries.


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Different development economic theories


Mercantilism is one of the Primitive forms of development economics. It revolves around the principles of economic upliftment. European countries followed the theory from the 16th to 18th century.

This economic development theory stated that wealth was static. European Nations attempted to gain the largest share of the wealth. To do so they maximized export and minimized imports via Tariffs.


Policies restrict the movement of labor, capital, and goods. The primitive United States had an example of Economic nationalism. Being a new nation, it needs to develop itself. It can do so, without getting influenced by external factors.


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Structural theory

The structure-change economic theory emphasizes changing the structure of a nation. It aims to change society from agrarian to industrial.

For occurrence, Russia had an agrarian Society before the communist revolution.

The teachings of the Islamic economy

Islamic Economics relies upon value neutrality and secularism. It caters to the welfare of individuals irrespective of their caste, creed, and status.

Inequalities in wealth and income persist till today. There were signs of Unemployment and economic instability that added to the poverty. Both equity and efficiency remained evasive despite the rapid growth and development.

Historically, the middle-east was a strategically important region in terms of economy and world politics. The Middle East formed the connection between the Western world and the Eastern. domination of Western countries in Politics and the world economy suppressed the development of the Est.

it started to lose International contact And struggled for power. Investors started to lose interest in the Middle East due to its economic coyness.

Nevertheless, oil made the Middle East strategically important. significance of the Middle East Middleraised due to oil and gas production. alongside natural gas, oil is used as an important fuel. The Middle East is one of the main suppliers of oil and gas in the global market.

Oil is a strategically important yet rare resource. shortage of the resource will likely put the majority of the population next to starvation. As for the reports, the price of rice increased by 73%, wheat raised by 130% . one should know that the skyrocketing hike in prices of the major product is due to the lack of resources like oil and gas.

In such a context one can’t oversee the influence of the Middle Eastern world. It turned out to be a major supplier of oil and gas in the world market. The majority of the countries rely on the east for supplying Oil and Gas resources. It is one of the reasons why developed countries, especially the USA, want to gain control of the Middle East.

control of the Middle East offers Ample opportunities for the supply of oil In the international market.

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