MKTG310 Marketing Research Assignment Sample

MKTG310 Marketing Research Assignment Sample

The course encompasses the analytical and theoretical aspects of marketing strategies. It reflects the perspectives of entrepreneurs, consultants, and managers. They exploit market reports for decision-making purposes.

It covers topics like data analysis, and interpretation, questionnaire construction.

It lists sampling and data collection strategies.


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Introduction to Marketing Research

Research methods are extrinsic methods for analyzing and collecting data. Developing your research methods is an integral part of preparing reports. These are the two decisions that you need to make when planning your research methods:

Decide how you will collect data needed for market research. Methods rely on data that you need to access your research criteria.

  • quantitative versus qualitative: Will you need data in the form of words or numbers
  • Primary versus auxiliary: Will you collect data yourself or not. secondary data is information collected by a third party.
  • Experimental versus Descriptive: Will you use data as it is? Will you experiment with the collected data?

Then, you need to decide how to access data.

For quantitative research, you can follow statistical methods. It lets test the relationship between factors.

For quantitative research, you can use theoretical methods. It lets you interpret the pattern and meaning of the data.

L 02. Compare and contrast Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research incorporates the process of collecting and assessing graphical or numerical data. The research follows the Quantitative approach to make predictions. It discovers and accesses the patterns.

Also, this type of research finds its application in chemistry, psychology. It gets used in biological sciences, economics, marketing, and even sociology.

Now, Quantitative analysis helps to find out solutions to the following queries:

How did the global temperature change in the past five years?

Does pollution affect the prevalence of rare species?

Does working from home boost the productivity of quarantined employees?

Quantitative research Methodologies

Experts use Quantitative analysis for correlation, experimental and descriptive research. A descriptive study provides you with a summary of study variables.

Descriptive research provides you with the relationship between variables in your study variables. Also, descriptive research finds out whether a cause-and-consequence relationship exists between your study variables.


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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research involves analyzing non-numerical data (e.g. video, text, sound, audio). Either gain insight into the problem or produce new ideas for market research.

Qualitative Research finds its application in sociology, health sciences. It gets used in history, education, and even anthropology.

  • How do adults feel about a healthy diet in the UK?
  • How does social media affect teenagers in the UK?
  • Can educators integrate social issues in education?

Qualitative research Methodologies

Qualitative research uses a couple of data collection strategies. Here, some of the Qualitative research Methodologies are as follow:

  • Discussion: ask questions or in a one-to-one communication setup.
  • Observation: Record your realizations or things that you might see, hear in detail.

L 03 How to collect data from populations

Based on the research requirements, you need to collect data from a population. However, If the population is cooperative, small, and accessible, it is viable to collect data.

Further, For larger groups, it becomes harder to collect data from individuals. In fact, in such cases, researchers follow sampling procedures to gain insights into the population.

L 03.1 Discovering how to collect data from samples

When the population is large, dispersed, or hard to contact, you need to use samples. You can use sample data to get an idea of population data through statistical analysis. For instance, you want to study political influence in the young generation.

Moreover, there are 5,00,000 undergraduate students in Sydney. It is not possible to collect data. Use a sample of 500 student volunteers from Australian universities. It’s the group that will take part in your online market survey.

Sample data ought to get generated. Also, it should represent the target group. Sampling procedures reduce the probability of sampling error and increase both external and internal validity. However, experts follow non-profitability sampling procedures due to obvious reasons

L 03.2 Outline the importance of sampling procedures

  • Necessity: It is not possible to study a whole population due to size or inaccessibility. It is when the sampling procedures come in handy.
  • Feasibility: It is simpler to collect data from a sample. Sampling procedures generate accurate results.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Sampling procedures involve less equipment, participants, and researchers.
  • Reliability: Conducting Statistical analyses on smaller datasets is more reliable and simple.


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L 04 Outline the Importance of Ethics in Research.

  • Ethics supports the objectives of market research. For instance, you gain valuable market insights.
  • It promotes the values needed for group work like fairness and mutual respect. It is important because research relies on cooperation between groups and researchers.
  • Ethics implies that the researchers are credible for their contributions. Researchers get supported by public money, and regulations on conflicts of interest, misconduct. Also, market research is necessary to ensure that money gets spent appropriately.
  • It guarantees that the data collected from the research is reliable. To get public support and funds, data collected by researchers ought to be accurate.
  • Research ethics promote moral and social values.

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