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FINC472 Marketing Research Assignment Example UAEU UAE

Instructions and Management colleges offer portfolio management courses. It deals with the strategies related to portfolio management and investment analysis. It expands the knowledge students acquired from the FIN 377 paper. It assesses how an optimal portfolio develops, how resource allocation relates to risk tolerance. It covers financial models like asset pricing and diversification.

It contrasts and compares active and passive investment strategies, the role of derivatives in risk management.

Important facts on portfolio management

  • A portfolio includes investible resources with inherent risks.
  • A portfolio includes investment choices. It relates to buying/selling mutual funds shares and investable assets. Investors need to make decisions based on A portfolio is a collection of investable assets. It includes funds, fixed deposits, and other financial resources. All these resources depend on the amount that individuals can afford. It relies on the income of an individual. It balances the likelihood of investments with a commendable performance of other investments.
  • In short, individuals with a couple of securities are said to own a portfolio of installments. Individuals aim to make the most out of a portfolio. To choose investible resources with the potential to generate decent ROI.
  • Theories of portfolio management state that risk varies with the return.


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Portfolio Management is the art of choosing the combination of policies and resources. It matches investments to objectives. It is the process of allocating resources for organizations and individuals. To optimize ROI while maintaining the investment risk and performance of an investment.

a portfolio manager invests in assorted resources and maximizes the capital. The portfolio manager utilizes his expertise to maximize ROI.

Understanding principles of PORTFOLIO Management

Portfolio management is the most important skill needed to manage investments. Portfolio managers analyze and assess the features of each investment alternative. Funds get dispersed in different investment avenues depending on the investment goals.

The portfolio manager invests in an array of resources with diverging characteristics. prompts diversification of investment risk. It increases the returning appetite of the investment portfolio.

An optimal portfolio is not free of risks within the investor’s holding period. One can only reduce risk. Risk relates to return on investment. The more is the investment risk, the more is the expected ROI.

Ideal portfolio management methods mitigate risk. It maximizes return and lowers investment risks


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Understanding the concept of portfolio management

Allotment of Resource:

A collection of resources with long-term perspectives is imperative for optimal portfolio management. One needs to understand that the volatile rate varies from one resource to another. A low correlation exists among resources, maximizing the risk-return ratio of the investors.

aggressive investors go for volatile investments, whereas conservative investors opt for stable investments.

Investors aim at collecting a range of investable resources that bring about changes within categories of assets. Diversification is the distribution of results and risks within the class of asset. Legitimate diversification is necessary as one can’t discover a subcategory of a resource class that can outperform another class.


Rebalancing matches the return to the intended target at a regular period. Retaining a portfolio of securities is important as it mirrors the risk and returns profile of the investor.

For instance, a portfolio has a resource mix of 30/70. With changes in market trends, the resource mix shifts to a ratio of 80/20, exceeding the tolerance level of the investor.

Outline the types of portfolio management

  • Passive portfolio management aims at developing a fixed portfolio that aligns with the market trends.
  • Dynamic portfolio management alludes to the dynamic management of the portfolio resource by a manager(s), depending on the investment avenues.
  • Optional portfolio management refers to leveraging the control of the portfolio manager. He can invest the assets based on his understanding on behalf of the investor. The portfolio manager looks after the documentation, and so forth
  • In non-discretionary portfolio management, the manager guides his client about what’s beneficial and what’s detrimental, what’s right and what’s wrong. Yet the investor takes the ultimate decision. Henceforth, the investor is liable for the loss or profit incurred, whereas the portfolio manager just gets a commission for rendering his service.

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