3CO02 Principles of analytics CIPD Level 3 Assignment

3CO02 Principles of analytics CIPD Level 3 Module 2 Assignment Example

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The variety of analytics and evidence is essential to deliver good working practices. The unit will help you understand how utilizing a broad range can be used by people professionals in their jobs, which has the power to create value for both themselves as well other employees or clients they are serving with what’s best suited at any given time depending on circumstance- whether simple decision making needs assessing like when choosing between options A versus B; another point being it should take into account all factors involved before reaching out so there aren’t costly mistakes later down line such as damage done through misspent funds because one option was chosen without consideration given towards others’ thoughts/needs regarding those inputs.


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CIPD Level 3 Module 2 Assignment Brief 1: How evidence-based practice informs measures and outcomes and how it is applied within your organization.

Evidence-based practice provides a framework for determining the effectiveness of interventions. It is important to apply this framework when formulating an intervention, but also when measuring impact at later periods. Organizations supporting evidence-based practice will often have measurement protocols from the outset so that they can evaluate interventions formally and continuously – with evidence-based practice as a constant reference point. 

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has many different frameworks for application, but at the core of any rigorous process is a carefully conducted search for relevant research published in peer-reviewed journals. This matters because research becomes evidence when it is published in peer-reviewed journals by experts vetted according to certain criteria. Then, persons knowledgeable about the study’s methods can assess whether or not it supports its conclusions. That is why EBP often involves systematic reviews that take into account randomized controlled trials in order to identify substantiated findings and avoid bias in studying associations.

A commitment to evidence-based practice in a given setting requires a number of premises to be fulfilled. For example, the use of evidence will only help if the study designs and outcomes measured are priorities for clinicians and their patients. Implementation strategies must also take into account how best to make use of available resources such as time, staff, or money (or all three). This implies that an effective evidence-based program must be comprehensive; it would not be possible for one strategy to address all aspects of quality improvement at once. Similarly, different levels within an organization–leadership and management team on one end and individual practitioners’ everyday practices on the other–may require very different sets of tools or incentives for participation in improving care together.

CIPD Level 3 Module 2 Assignment Brief 2: Explain the importance of using data, the different types of data measurement and how these are used to inform decision making including interpreting basic financial information using critical thinking skills and common calculations.

Data is information that has been collected from a sample. 

Data is used to help people with decision-making in a variety of fields, including interpreting basic financial information, using statistics to determine the relative safety of the environment and so on.

The three types of data measurement are descriptive, predictive and inferential.

Descriptive data only allows for defining a situation at a given point in time or space by providing quantities such as height or weight or class grades.

Predictive data compares an outcome group to a larger population in order to determine what’s likely to happen next; this type helps businesses identify who’s most likely going to sign up for their service or offer incentives for more sales through different promotions on social media networks like Facebook and  Twitter.

Inferential data is used to draw conclusions about a population based on what’s happening within the smaller subset of the group being studied. For example, The FBI uses inferential statistics when they track crime trends by neighborhood.


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Data analysis is very important nowadays. Various different types of data like information on finances or energy production may be used to inform decision-making, interpret basic financial info, perform quantitative studies on galaxies, and predict events in the world.

Different types of data measurement include temperature measurements for various purposes including medical purposes or to measure global warming.

CIPD Level 3 Module 2 Assignment Brief 3: Review the concept of creating value, explaining how your organisation approaches this for its customers and stakeholders.

Creating value, in simple terms, is finding benefits for your organization’s customers and stakeholders.

Value has proved to be more than just what customers are willing to pay for. Value has been achieved when the customer begins to be able to predict their levels of service through predictable pricing or receive new enhancements that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Enabling stakeholders to see the value that they get can help them maintain focus on fulfilling some very important goals within an organization while also enabling the organization itself to cooperate with other stakeholder groups more effectively.

It is vital to know if customers would actually want your product before you start operating. Value creation is the act of determining their and your business’s needs. One of the most common forms of value creation is market research, where businesses find out what consumers are buying and then create products that meet their needs better than current products on the market. Entrepreneurs should ask themselves- does the customer want my product? Without knowing whether or not a person wants to buy a product, it may be difficult to create value for both producers and consumers.

Within a purely financial framework, this would mean generating value for stakeholders by delivering products and services at the lowest possible price. From an equity perspective, this means creating value by making reasonable or sound investments in cash flows so as to produce returns above the cost of capital. In a conventional sense, adding value means taking raw materials and turning them into goods that have greater worth than what was originally invested.

Money is earned from charging customers the right amount for the product or service they were sold on – it’s fair to charge a little more if your product or service also has something extra going for it, a perceived quality that many customers want even though there’s no functional difference between options available. 


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CIPD Level 3 Module 2 Assignment Brief 4: Explore the role of analytics and other technology in enhancing working practices, including the associated risks.

Technology is best used in working environments when it’s the most suitable option for addressing a work-related issue. It can eliminate certain tasks, accelerate others, and improve quality control. However, organizations are increasingly recognizing that technology alone is not enough to reach their business objectives. For instance, technologies are often associated with risks such as loss of privacy or violation of human rights if they’re not properly designed or monitored. Therefore managers should always be careful to see how introducing new content can affect employees’ working conditions before implementing them.

There are many areas in which technology and analytics can play a significant role in enhancing working practice.

However, there are also risks associated to these systems, especially ones like AI. For example, if the data AI is using isn’t accurate (or it’s biased), AI will make mistakes or incorrect assumptions which could have serious consequences if we don’t plan accordingly.

Depending on what industry you’re in and what field you work at, there may be even more considerations for your use of tech and analytics than just these four points. It’s important to know-and to weigh- the pros and cons of new innovations before implementing them throughout your workplace to get the most benefit from them while minimizing any negative effects they might cause.

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