3CO04 Essentials of people practice CIPD Level 3 Assignment

3CO04 Essentials of people practice CIPD Level 3 Module 4 Assignment Sample

The essential of people practice is a book that helps managers and coaches to help teams work more effectively. It presents strategies for improving communication, conflict resolution skills as well as building relationships with clients or patients in order to make their lives better.

It is designed to help you develop your skills and techniques for engaging with others. This one-day seminar will provide an introduction to understanding what makes up successful relationships, as well as the importance of effective communication styles in order to better adapt them during dating or work situations where it’s necessary.

In this unit, you will learn how to apply the fundamentals of people practice, ranging from employee lifecycle and policies all the way up through law. You’ll explore a variety of specialist subjects including recruitment, talent management reward programs for good behavior, or development skills which are essential in any successful career field dealing exclusively with human beings.


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CIPD Level 3 Module 4 Assignment Brief 1: Gain skills around effective recruitment, selection, and appointment of individuals through the assessment of the employee lifecycle including where you are placed within this.

Appointing an individual to be in the right place at the right time is of paramount importance for any organization. Promoting someone who won’t perform or will fail, or not promoting someone who could shine, has long-term implications on everything from productivity and profitability to staff engagement and reputation.

This is the most insightful hiring question I’ve seen in a good while. There are many aspects to assessing an employee’s lifecycle, but one of the most important is where you are placed within it.

Identifying unemployment periods is crucial when interviewing prospective employees; it can provide insight into an applicant’s confidence levels and suitability for work. The aim with any interview-planning process should be selecting applicants who possess traits that coincide with your organization’s needs whilst also providing them with attributes that will aid in future employability – yet there are exceptions to this rule, which we’ll discuss later on.

The term agent lifecycle refers to the process of hiring, retaining, and developing talent. The agent is followed throughout his or her entire journey within an organization. This includes everything from the creation of a competency model, to staffing at entry-level positions all the way up through promotion opportunities for high-performing employees. HR professionals use tools like psychometric assessments (such as Myers-Briggs) to determine the organizational fit for individual jobs among other things that would be required jobs skills prerequisites. 

CIPD Level 3 Module 4 Assignment Brief 2: Learn different recruitment and selection methods and ways of preparing material for job roles and to attract candidates.

The process of recruitment is the systematic search for, identifying, and enlisting suitable applicants for openings at a given organization. It’s about sourcing the best talent. This process starts by looking outward to find people with the qualifications to match job criteria or by looking inward at existing employees capable of providing leadership through emerging technologies.

Then, meeting them halfway around the globe, or right on one’s doorstep; connecting with them on social media; attending an event; getting more information from them via traditional channels like phone calls and emails—anything and everything it takes to bring qualified candidates closer and closer until they’ve landed an interview (or even a job). 

Materials Used for Recruitment and Selection can be as simple as a CV and Interview Boards. These materials are also called assessment methods. And different recruitment and selection methods can be used, such as:

Interviewers evaluate candidates through the use of information that they provide on their CV or during the interview process, to determine if the candidate will fulfill the needs of an employer or other stakeholder. 

Executive decision-makers decide on a new hire based mostly on intuition or gut feel, although face-to-face interviews may be part of this process. 

Develop a focused job advertisement. Recruitment and selection activities often involve recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds from different organizations for specific needs, so when designing the organization’s recruitment strategy, it is crucial to focus on what you want in your organization or add value in order to achieve your goals. In other words, it is vital that the program has chosen a single area of focus and designed a process that attracts candidates with these skills.


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CIPD Level 3 Module 4 Assignment Brief 3: Shortlist candidates and participate in a selection interview and the associated follow-up actions.

Follow-up actions to take after a selection interview have been discussed would be dependent on the criteria laid out in the job description. Often, employers ask all candidates to complete a personality test before moving forward as part of their hiring process. This personality test is often proved as crucial in achieving a high-quality candidate who will meet company standards and expectations for work performance.

This can depend on if you appeal to the company’s best interests, which may override the candidate’s “vetting” process. Most employers take these actions for reasons of cost and time, but it would be worth asking for more attention to your credentials once you are selected as a finalist. You could also ask about other steps in the process if they haven’t been mentioned yet like background checks, notarizing contracts, etc. This should give them an idea of what safeguards they want their employees to go through (while telling them).

CIPD Level 3 Module 4 Assignment Brief 4: Understanding legislation and organizational practices is a vital part of this unit as is the meaning of diversity and inclusion in respect of recruitment and employee relationships.

Diversity & inclusion are the tools that are required to ensure an organization meets its needs for excellence in workforce planning, development, selection, and retention.

Good diversity policies will also ensure successful strategies are in place to effectively manage recruitment and employee relations practices. It is necessary to have a strategy in place that ensures there will be minimal obstacles when recruiting or managing employees- which means an understanding of your people pipeline should be set out before you even begin the search for great talent.

Understanding legislation and organizational practices is a vital part of this unit. The term diversity has been used to refer to the state of being diverse, or consisting in variety or variation, with regard to any dimension including but not limited to personal background, cultural origin, gender identity, and gender expression. Inclusion refers to action(s) ensuring that these dimensions are valued and respected by all employees. Recruitment practices should reflect the organization’s commitment towards diversity and inclusion by employing an ‘open mind’ approach when sourcing candidates from different backgrounds for a range of jobs in order to meet business objectives. 


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CIPD Level 3 Module 4 Assignment  Brief 5: Explain factors associated with performance and reward management as well as explore the development of skills and knowledge to support both individual and organizational objectives

Performance management is an area of human resource concern. It includes the evaluation and guidance of employees in order to reach set goals or objectives. This topic is often controversial in situations where individuals fail to meet their goals, become disgruntled, leave for new opportunities, or when salary adjustments are made without taking individual performance data into account. 

A typical promotion method is rewarding an employee with a raise when they reach predetermined milestones (e.g., reaching 10 years at their current position). The prospective “promotion” may be demotivating for lower positions in organizations that would like to advance within the company but cannot because there are no positions available at higher levels that match their qualifications. 

To have an effective reward management system, the employer must first base it on an understanding of performance and all of its factors. Factors can include tangible things like measurement outcomes, intangible things that are difficult to measure, or organizational processes. An understanding leads to evaluation that leads to decision making that leads to action for improvement or rewards – which then should determine what other factors go into the equation.

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