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CIPD 3lcm Supporting Individual Learning Through Coaching and Mentoring Assignment Sample UAE

Abu Dhabi University comes up with new skills in a form of a course designed for stipulated months. The course named 3lcm Supporting individual learning through coaching and mentoring is a program that provides specialization in the profession of the human resource branch.

The human resource department is one of an integral branch for any organization and to handle the responsibilities of the branch, it requires certain skills that are being educated by this course.

The course delivers the teachings on coaching and mentoring as in the human resource field, these skills play a major role. The course provides practical skills in the person and enables the person to handle the post of human resource effectively.

The HR department is not only recruiting employees but also supervising and coach them expeditiously. This course helps the students to inculcate these skills and enable them to work as a professional.

The aspects of coaching and mentoring provide an extensive study for the branch of human resources. It gives a critical analysis of mentoring the employees through a proper and systematic mechanism. To improve and uplift the working mechanism of the human resource department, this course work is a yardstick.

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CIPD 3lcm Supporting Individual Learning Through Coaching and Mentoring Course Learning Outcomes

In the end, the students will be as to learn the following outcomes:-

1.What means of coaching and mentoring in this course and how it helps the human resource department.

The course explains the meaning of coaching and mentoring and its relevance with the human resource branch. We will discuss how the coaching and mentoring has a link or connection with the human resource management and furnish effective result.

Both the terms coaching and mentoring seem to be synonymous but refer to differences in their meanings and functions. Both provide backbone support in the functioning of human resources and sharing some sought similarities. Coaching refers to the form of training that provides to the members to impart professional skills either individually or jointly. Mentoring refers to supervision as a structured process between the mentor and mentee.

2.Explains the similarities and differences in the two core expression mentoring and coaching that makes the branch extensive.

Yet, similarities are less than differences in both the terms but one of the similarities is to equip with guidance to employees for the functioning of their responsibilities. Both provide awareness to the employees as to their job but one is to train the employees and the other is to supervise their work.

Both aims at improving the performance of employees so that organizational goal could be met. Course 3lcm supports individual learning through coaching and mentoring encourages the knowledge of subjects and accomplishes the program in a two-fold manner as you activity 1 and activity 2.

These activities are in form of a practical approach that gives the teaching to the students empirically. For a better understanding of the course, the experts of the university include activities that are in form of presentations. The difference in the results of poaching and mentoring, and the kinds of coaching.

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3.Explain the difference between mentoring and coaching and the advantages of learning to coach and mentoring.

To learn the concepts of coaching and mentoring, the information requires to be classified in different slides so that recording of the same could be possible. In the course, 3lcm supports individual learning through coaching and mentoring refers to understand the same inactivity one and ascertain specialization in the second activity.

The course also explains the let difference between both the terms as it involves the duration of execution, purpose, aim and objectives, types, etc.

The benefits of coaching and mentoring are well defined in the course 3lcm support individual learning through coaching and mentoring. It boosts the individual, as well as organizational, performs and goal-oriented approach that broadens the individual ability to perform. It also provides sessions that resulted in performance metrics and universal development of the employee.

4.Critically analyze the Types of Coaching and Mentoring and the stages to facilitate the process.

In the course, 3lcm supports individual learning through coaching and mentoring educates the students about various types of coaching that make a difference between both.

As coaching can be of executive, learning, career, business, etc and its foundation lies in its purpose, objective, and facilitator. On the other hand, the course also explains peer mentorship, induction mentorship, etc for the purpose to explain the organizational working mechanism to the employee.

The course provides an effective way that leads to organizational growth and individual progress. The system of coaching is broadly classified into steps as contracting, planning, coaching activity, and exit. The course explains all such steps in depth.

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