3CO03 Core behaviors for people professionals CIPD Level 3 Assignment

3CO03 Core behaviors for people professionals CIPD Level 3 Module 3 Assignment Sample

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This unit will introduce you to the core behaviors for people professionals with a focus on ethical practice. It examines how certain ways of thinking and behavior should be universally consistent, in order to promote a sense of well-being at work as well as inclusion among all employees

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CIPD Level 3 Module 3 Assignment Activity 1: Develop insight into different approaches to customer focus using ethical principles to inform your approach to work.

Understanding an organization’s customer base and the scope of their business model helps to provide a guide for action within that context. Ethical principles can be used as filters to help organizations tune into, empathize with, and align with both external and internal customers. One way of applying ethical principles is by using Mayer’s six focus areas for evaluation: politics, economics, law, environment (including resources), public responsibility (engaging stakeholders), and accountability (evaluating performance). They are forms of lens or perspectives that offer guidance on how to engage in activity with purpose.

As a customer-facing professional, you have many opportunities to bring your personal values and moral code to the workplace and use it as a guide for your actions. These actions can include everything from how you deal with customers and coworkers, how you prioritize work projects, what steps are included in handling complaints, etc. People respond well to an employee who communicates their values openly because it establishes trust that develops into stronger relationships. It is not always easy but remembers that ultimately you are an ethical agent of change.

CIPD Level 3 Module 3 Assignment Activity 2: Evaluate ethical values and contextualize them within your work, specifying the ways in which you conform to associated regulation and law.

It is necessary for an employee to contextualize ethical values when it is determined that they have been breached or compromised. In general, in a work setting in my country, the person in question would receive a verbal warning and a written warning for a first offense. A third offense would be addressed with termination if it had been dealt with through the previous measures. If this situation were outside of work I could not say whether reevaluation of my own values would be needed because it can vary from one case to another.

A working guideline for any organization that may find themselves faced with such circumstances will involve developing policy specific towards codes of ethics or conduct. 

Leadership starts with a commitment to ethical values. In order to instill ethical behavior, set direction, and achieve success, leaders need ongoing study of moral philosophy and ethics. However, formalized rules are often the only consistent guidelines for behavior in many organizations. It is important to assess one’s own individual responsibility as an organization member from a legal perspective not just from within the scope of one’s professional boundary.

There are help systems that allow managers a baseline for their employees’ duties through courses such as College 101 programs offered at Ryerson University where guidance will be given on how to function as an employee morally, juridically compliant etcetera should you wish or require this information going into employment or management positions respectively.

CIPD Level 3 Module 3 Assignment Activity 3: Clarify problems and issues as well as contribute views and opinions in a respectful and inclusive manner.

There are many problems and issues that come with side effects, but antidepressants can come with advantages if they are used properly. Many people who have depression find relief in the short term while taking antidepressants, which is definitely a good thing to take into consideration before making any final decisions

Other potential advantages of using an antidepressant include saving money on work time due to being able to concentrate better at work, being more confident in social settings, having more energy for day-to-day tasks, and even finding that there is less need for alcohol or other substances to cope with feelings or situations that might be difficult otherwise. These potential advantages do not guarantee success when it comes to coping with issues caused by depression though.


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In order to clarify problems and issues, it is important to contribute views and opinions respectfully and inclusively. In this way, the person may be better able to understand why they are having difficulties or issues, which will allow them to find ways for themselves that work best for themselves. The approach must also focus on two of the most significant areas that often result in discrimination: race and disability.

As a pluralistic community composed of many different peoples, we believe thoughtful discussion of appropriate topics among the community should never be reduced solely down to an idea’s political affiliation or promoted under its own agenda.

CIPD Level 3 Module 3 Assignment Activity 4: Discuss ways in which you recognize and accept your own mistakes and show empathy to others.

The best way to recognize and accept your own mistakes is through empathy. Take a few moments to imagine how someone you know would react in the same situation, even if you’ve never seen this person make the same mistake before. This technique has other benefits too. It’s called “mirroring” yourself, which will help you better manage your behavior online or in-person with others who will be more understanding about what you’re going through because they’re experiencing it too.

The first step of owning up to a mistake is showing empathy for the people who are affected by it. One way to do this, among many, is to focus on the negative outcomes that another person incurred as a result of our mistake. Failing to accept responsibility for one’s mistakes will only lead their frustration and anger – which may lead them away from us instead of towards us. This doesn’t mean we need to forget what happened or pretend it never happened, but feeling bad for someone after they’ve been wronged is an important part of shifting into problem-solving mode rather than ruminating on past events.

CIPD Level 3 Module 3 Assignment Activity 5: Examine the concept of reflective practice aimed at consolidating and improving your professional knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Reflective practice is a technique employed by professionals to help them effectively examine their professional knowledge, skills, and experiences.

The essential elements of reflective practice are the iterative process of examining one’s own thinking, action, or experience continuously in light of feedback from others and revisiting this examination through subsequent work. In other words, it is a process that involves becoming conscious of living processes as they happen, reflecting on these events for understanding and informing future behavior.


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Reflective practice is an important part of professional development that involves reflecting on previous experiences, identifying patterns, and taking steps to improve the quality of future outcomes. It can include systematic reviews of reflections on events during professional activities, written accounts; verbal reflections; observation; performance panel discussions; peer review groups, mentoring or coaching of individual trainees, or mentorships for senior staff.

The National Curriculum highlights metacognition as fundamental to our ability to improve learning and teaching through often un-noticed activities such as thinking about how we might think better next time. Reflective practice is central to this process – “to use learning experience seriously and fairly for the purpose of reflection in order that new understanding may form.

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