CIPD 3mer Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations Assignment Example UAE

CIPD 3mer Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations  Assignment Sample UAE

The MER module in Chartered institute of personnel and development offers lectures on how to manage employees relationship effectively.

To establish the fundamental of any organization on a strong basis, it requires to hold an athletic relationship between employers and employees and even between employees inter se. Certain rights have been holding by employees in the organization and this course enables them to get aware of such rights and ensure their well-being.

The course lays down special attention on the employment laws that regulate and supervise the functioning of employment-related within any establishment.

The employments laws are the basic legislation for the employees of UAE that provide regulation about employees matter and create a healthy working environment for the employees. As it is noteworthy that a positive working environment could be laid to the growth of the organization and this course enables the students to learn how to manage employee relations and working hours.

The employment laws give an in-depth knowledge as to its working hours till the retirement and dismissal of employees. The employment laws are not new legislation but introduced in the nineties but there are certain amendments introduced as her the requirements of the time.


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CIPD 3mer Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations  Course Learning Outcomes

In the end, students will able to explore the following learning outcomes:-

1. Be able to understand the internal and external factors impacting employee relations.

I’m this course, MER it explains various factors that influence employee relationship and that could internal as well as external. Such relations can be handled with the help of proper management skills and organization personnel. These factors are broadly classified into two areas to internal factors and external. The internal factors can be managed with an effective organizational professional but external factors need to manage with different methods.

The course disseminates information on how to deal with such factors so that the functioning of the organization could not be affected.

2. Be able to differentiate the different types of employment status.

In any organization, employees with on different basis as to contractor, temporary, probation, training, internship, or permanent and every employee have different employment status. The HR professional opting for this course will learn about employments status, the working mechanism of such employment status to avoid conflicts.

This course describes the employment nature, its legal effect, rights that bestows on the employees after entering into such contract. This module gives an overview to the students as to its legal rights and duties towards the organization.

3. Gain an insight into the legal rights of the employees, and the legislation related to creating a good work-life balance.

In this course, the students will get the opportunity to learn about the legal rights of employees and landmark legislation that is about employment laws. The employment laws incorporate working hours, terms and conditions of recruitment, appointment, rules as to gratuity, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, basic salary, provident fund, etc. As every employee as per its employment status will be governed by such legal tights and legislation and the course gives a brief description about the same.

4. Understand the legislation on employee discrimination, harassment, and victimization.

The most important aspect in employee relations is to work in freeze environment, that is to say, free from any harassment, exploitation, victimization, slavery, unequal payouts, etc. All such social and professional evils come in the ambit of employments laws that going to be discussed in this course comprehensively.

This course elucidates different legislation that talks about employee discrimination, harassment, and other evils. As it is illegal to discriminate against any employee based on age, caste, sex, gender, race, belief, religion, nationality, etc and should provide equal pay for equal work.


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5. Understand the concept of psychological contract and practical examples of policies and procedures that can underpin this.

This course explains the psychological point of view of employees that stimulates their cognitive aspect and determines the behavior of employers with employee or vice-versa. As it is important to understand the psychological standpoint of the employees that is distinct from a legal point. All that is important for any organization is to establish mutual understanding between employees and employer and mutual trust.

6. Understand the issues to be addressed at the termination of the employment.

A bitter truth that at a certain stage, every employee needs to leave the organization but at the time of termination or resignation, some procedures should be followed to retain a positive relationship. HR professional to ensure dismissal should be aware of legislation about termination of the employment such as provident fund, notice period, gratuity, termination letter, reduction, etc.

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