Central Asia Politics Essay Sample

Central Asia Politics Essay

we are here with a sample central Asia politics essay. The politics of central Asia is a burning topic nowadays.


The five Central Asian states of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan constitute hold great importance in world politics. Historically, this remote area lay in the middle of a struggle for influence and empire between Britain and Russia. Today’s major powers—Russia, China, the US, and therefore the European Union—are not simply replaying the nineteenth-century Great Game. Geographic expansion and empire-building may become less relevant for the good powers, but security concerns remain, and within the twenty-first century these revolve around terrorism, narcotics, and hydrocarbons, all of which broader Central Asia has in abundance.


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Social Capital and Development of Civil Society in Central Asia: Path Dependency Outlook

The issues that I decided to analyze within this essay is that particular Central Asian political and social environments (including the legacy of Soviet totalitarianism and present-day clan-dominated societies) have significantly distorted the structure and performance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Central Asia as compared to the liberal societies, where the theoretical concepts of NGOs and civil societies are developed.

Civil Society and Islamization in Central Asia: Religion as Substrate in Social Stability and Conflict Management

Before the above twenty years, Ozay Mehmet, a Turkish scholar described “a worldwide identity crisis” all-encompassing the developing world, a calamity that especially impacted what he named the “Islamic periphery.”¹ He wrote that “in Africa as elsewhere within the Third World, the vital question at the dawn of a replacement century is immobile: Who am I? Is my identity religious or national?

Civil society and Islamic Revival in Kazakhstan

Whereas studies of compatibility between Islam and democracy have received wide scholarly attention, little research addresses the difficulty of rising effects of Islamic revival on civil society. Average popular opinion within the Muslim world seems to support the increased role of faith in political life. As civic involvement, social capital, and elite-challenging collective actions establish the core pillars of civil society, which is a crucial social force to foster and sustain democratization, the Islamic revival continues to play a central role in transforming the dynamics of socio-political landscapes within the Islamic world.

Negotiation of Social Activism: National Minority Associations in Kazakhstan, or Different Face of “Civil Society”

Here I seek to deconstruct the one-size-fits-all concept of civil society in several of its postulates, especially people who assume a transparent separation between society and state, between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government-organized nongovernmental organizations (GONGOs), between the interests of people and people of the state, and between charitable activities and personal business.

Nonstate Health Care Provision in Central Asia: Cooperative or Competitive?

Under what conditions does nonstate welfare provision become politicized? that’s, when do nonstate actors not only challenge a government’s welfare provision capacity but, perhaps as importantly, use welfare service provision as a tool for entering the political arena to act as, or challenge, a state? I examine this question through an analysis of newly emerged health sector NGOs in post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where, increasingly, the central governments are wary of health provision NGOs and nonstate, private health care providers as potential threats to the state.


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Civil Service and Public Satisfaction: From Functions to Services—the Case of Kazakhstan

Among the previously centrally planned economies, Kazakhstan has been one of the leading proponents of improvements in public service provision. government officials’ reform has been at the highest of the government’s agenda within the 20 years since independence, as an integral component of the republic’s overall strategy to create a competitive socioeconomic environment that will efficiently exploit the republic’s abundant natural resources.

Civil Society in a Period of Transition: The Perspective from the State

Kazakhstan is in many respects the Central Asian country best situated to create a civil society, a free enterprise, and a functioning democracy. Education levels are high, economic process rates have averaged over 10 percent per annum since 2000, and therefore the country has an abundance of natural resources. most significantly, Kazakhstan has an abundance of human capital. Social organizations are stronger than those found in other Central Asian countries, with the possible exception of Kyrgyzstan, though they continue to be relatively weak and ineffective compared to those in Western democracies.

Civil Society in Chains: The Dynamics of Socio-political Relations in Turkmenistan

Democracy, broadly defined, is best characterized as a kind of governing system during which a “substantial” portion of a population partakes in both the “exercise” and “contestation” of power consistent with a group of formal democratic institutions.¹ In about such institutions, a view commonly accepted among scholars within the politics discipline today is that so as for democracy to flourish, the state must encourage the event of civil society.

Bridging the Divide between Neoliberal and Communal Civil Society in Tajikistan

Civil society may be a highly debated term, and it’s being translated in several ways and forms throughout Central Asia. Among all the countries examined here, Tajikistan is undoubtedly the furthest from the states of Western Europe where the concept had its origins in eighteenth-century modern thought. It lived through a vicious war that started in May 1992 and ended after the signature of the overall Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and National Accord in June 1997.

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