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Personal Statement Sample

Writing the perfect personal statement is very much important in developing a positive impression on the selection committee. If you are searching for a professional to write a personal statement for you then you are in right place. You can ask our professional writers to write the best assignment for you.

A personal statement is a special type of essay which you typically write when applying to an educational scholarship.  It provides an opportunity to share a little bit about who you are as you showcase that you are a good fit for a particular event. Such a statement is basically a 400 words story about what you want to achieve.

The main purpose of the personal statement is to grab the attention of the selection committee. It will assist them in developing an understanding of the applicant. Another purpose of a personal statement is to positively influence the applicants’ suitability for a scholarship.  Individual statement primarily acts as a letter of introduction by the candidate to the committee. Another purpose of the personal statement is to demonstrate your academic strength, background, career goals, and research interests. It is the personal statement that highlights personal motivations for applying to the program.


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When to write a personal statement?

There are many situations in life when you need to write a personal statement. For instance

  • When you are writing an application to a gifted event at your school.
  • An application for college admission.
  • For writing an application for getting admission to graduate school.
  • When writing an application for teaching ESL, showcasing your philosophy of education.

While writing a personal statement you need to clearly state why you are most suitable for getting admission to a particular college or course.

How to structure a personal statement?

Overcoming adversity is a basic theme. By writing a personal statement you can inform the selection committee about your achievements. You can also demonstrate your diversity. In your individual statement, you need to provide a clear explanation about how the selection committee will get benefit by selecting you for a specific program.

You can start writing individual statement by clearly stating the factors which have to influence you to apply for a specific course or get admission in a particular college of UAE. Then after that, you need to showcase how crucial specific events in your life influence you to make such a decision. At the end of the individual statement, you need to write what you hope to accomplish after completion of a specific program.


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Sample of the personal statement.

The main objective is to demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate. Students for demonstrating that they are ideal candidates need to share their experiences and beliefs with the selection committee. Below is the sample individual  statement was written for achieving different purposes such as:

For getting admission in a graduate program

During my childhood days, I used to look for role models. My teacher who taught me the fourth standard becomes a role model for me. Mrs. Jennet starts taking interest in me.  She always believed that I could do something unique which can change my life. I also wish to provide other children with the same motivation which I received from my teacher.

Personal statement for admission in medical school

I believe that doctors have the potential to shape society. They are people who can make a significant contribution to the development of society. My perception is that healthcare is basically the most fundamental human right. After completion of my nursing course, I will work to ensure that no one denied from accessing healthcare services.

Admission to law school

I decided to become a lawyer when my friend’s parents were evicted unlawfully from their apartment. It was the time when I first encounter the law system.  One great lawyer has assisted me in getting my friend’s parents’ money back and returns their home. I want to get admission to Law College as it is a noble profession and will enable me to give the average person the right to raise a voice against injustice.


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For admission in top colleges of UAE

Since my school days, I always have a dream to study journalism. Journalists as share knowledge and assist people in making informed decisions. I want to get admission in your university as you are offering a top rating journalism program in the nation.  There is no better place to pursue my passion and develop new competencies.


Below are two important suggestions which you should consider while writing personal statement.

  • While writing individual statements you need to provide examples for showcasing that you are the right candidate.
  • Before starting to write you need to think about what you have to overcome for attending the events in which you are interested to participate.

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