7CO01 Work and Working Lives in a changing business environment CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7CO01 Work and Working Lives in a changing business environment CIPD Level 7 Module 1 Assignment Example

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The completion of this rigorous coursework will allow you to demonstrate your understanding and ability in the area relevant to organizational psychology, which includes affective science among other things such as job performance measurement models used for management decisions at the workplace level or employee engagement skills needed by HR managers responsible for managing these issues within organizations across different sectors including public services like healthcare where I am based here locally.

The fact that business is always evolving means you need to stay on top of your game and evolve with it. A changing workplace not only affects the way we work but also how much time off a person can take in order for their mental health or family life outside of employment obligations not to suffer too greatly from being constantly surrounded by other people all day long every single day without any chance at privacy whatsoever.


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The modern business world is constantly evolving, and the way people work within these industries has changed dramatically over time.
Groups like LinkedIn suggest that jobs are becoming increasingly mobile as well; it’s easier than ever for professionals to find new positions with companies they may already know or meet through contacts in other fields. This leaves them feeling less secure because there’s no assurance their current employer will want them around once another opportunity comes along offering better pay rates – even if things seem fine now.

CIPD Level 7 Module 1 Assignment Task 1: How leaders and managers working in people practice are responding to globalization and its significance for work and employment.

Globalization and global interdependence are seen as significant predictors of change in the levels and distribution of employment, labor organization, and inequality.

Global economic development has led to greater competition for jobs locally, leading to an increase in unemployment rates which foster even more tensions between those who have work and those who do not. The pace at which labor is outsourced has increased as well with the rise of new technology decreasing demand for local expertise, making it easier for companies to ship traditional production lines overseas.

With all the countries in the world and nationalities working together in a single type of environment; it is crucial to be able to read and understand people’s behavior. Understanding how we decide what we will do, our motivation for doing things,and if our actions are morally right. This is because there are many different forms that can affect individuals’ performance at work which can lead to them underperforming or not fulfilling their true potential.

CIPD Level 7 Module 1 Assignment Task 2: Investigate the current and future thinking within organizations around technological developments and how new agendas are evolving.

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to innovate. Whether it’s the creeping onset of technological displacement or the astronomical “exit” price that top technical talent demands nowadays, companies without smart innovation strategies are finding themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage.

There are some organizations that prioritize adding new development projects over other things like fixing bugs and evolving their processes for continuous improvement. These projects disrupt corporate agility, introduce compliance pressures (internal and external), and often fizzle out once the investment phase has ended.

The challenge for IT leaders, therefore, is to strike a balance between maintaining focus on larger initiatives whilst devoting time to nurturing new nascent ideas that may hold promise in the future.

CIPD Level 7 Module 1 Assignment Task 3: Evaluate social, demographic, and economic trends and how developments in public policy affect people’s practice.

One interesting social trend is the increasing number of working people who would rather not climb a corporate ladder because they don’t want to go through another layoff. With increased insecurity in the workplace, employees are looking for stability and an opportunity for fulfillment outside work as well as within it.

Socioeconomic trends have been hard to identify given the volatility of gasoline prices during this decade, but likely include instability in housing markets as job growth slows. What’s clear, though, is that those with more education have fared better during these times than those without comparable levels of training or credentialing.

Public policies implemented by the government will affect people’s practice. For example, strict gun laws limit one of our rights (to bear arms) and tie us to the oppressive state for security purposes.

Social trends have a significant impact on public policy, and may even serve as a predicting tool for it. In today’s world, information is power- hence the constant debates over privacy and the concept of cyber security. There are many factors to be considered when examining how demographics affect social policies – from generational differences in thought processes to cultural norms that cause varying levels of poverty within certain locations. Nevertheless, there are some key areas that ought not be overlooked when assessing the role of social circumstances in shaping public policy. Such factors include gay rights debates/family planning programs/reproductive health care reform- all concepts which have been strongly impacted by social change throughout history.


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CIPD Level 7 Module 1 Assignment Task 4: Learn about effective leadership of change, innovation, and creativity, including the key interrelationships between ethics, sustainability, diversity, and well-being.

Ethical leadership is about individuals working with others in the interest of all. Ethics are likely to be most effective when they are based on shared values,and these values can be aligned with economic concerns through sustainability. Mutual encouragement and freedom from fear affect well-being; empathy generates performance that’s greater than anything any one person can do alone through innovation and creativity; people may thrive by collaborating with others for the common good at work all of which often come together in a company’s core purpose or culture. Lastly, you need to know how important it is to have an authentic leader guiding change–one who is committed, transparent, collaborative, principled and pragmatically visionary.

 Leading effective change, innovation, and creativity is a process of creating a narrative for stakeholders to align with in order to implement change. 

The interrelationships between ethics, sustainability, and well-being can help create trust with stakeholders by talking about what’s been successful in the past or what needs improvement. Trust empowers stakeholders to step into new roles during the leadership journey because they’re clear on company values and vision. In this role, both shareholders and employees are the most important stakeholders because their participation will ensure it has continuity over time.

CIPD Level 7 Module 1 Assignment Task 5: Analyze policy, practice, and corporate social responsibility and the ways in which people professionals can apply and promote them for organizational productivity.

Policy, practice, and corporate social responsibility are closely related because they inform the way in which a person or company conducts themselves. They are interconnected parts of the business that work together to create successful companies that have practices that are beneficial for society. Professionals can apply these different aspects by incorporating them into their daily routines. Depending on what you do, there are many ways in which you can promote policy, practice, and corporate social responsibility or engage with them on a more personal level by making it relevant to your environment.

The policy is an essential aspect in the development of any business. So many people forget that it’s what you do not what you say.

It goes without saying that Social responsibility has become one of the most important aspects of life for all organizations, regardless of size or profession. It is defined by Merriam-Webster as “concern about the well-being and fair treatment of people at work” This leads me to my next point, social responsibility doesn’t stop with workers’ concerns but extended to include other stakeholders in society including customers, suppliers, and community. Policies are designed to address problems preventing effective execution while promoting principles both inside and outside an organization to comply with their spirit while considering economic realities for your company.

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