7HR01 Strategic Employment Relations CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7HR01 Strategic Employment Relations CIPD Level 7 Module 5 Assignment Samples

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This unit focuses on the different perspectives of employment relations and cooperation, a conflict that varies between workplaces. There’s a key role external institutions play in formulating people management policy within organizations; there are also many emerging models which must be managed carefully – but this specialist area offers a great opportunity for those with an interest.


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CIPD Level 7 Module 5 Assignment Brief 1:Understand different perspectives on employment relations and the cooperation and conflict that varies between workplaces including employer strategies and trade unions to sustain mutuality and voice.

Some management practices in employment relations and cooperation include work to rule, labor strikes, and lockouts. Each of these respectively affects the organizations involved in different ways. Management strategies are generally seen as attempts to lower dependence on trade unions by providing employment options outside of it. But for this strategy to be successful, they must have a good relationship with their employees. Employers are more willing to do so when they recognize that alternatives can be tricky or may result in opposition against them at some point of time because employees will not remain loyal forever if there is no intention shown on one part even if they don’t have any other choice but all measures being taken have been discouragingly satisfactory yet.

Employers have a range of strategies in negotiating with their employees. These include being flexible in hours, stipulating criteria for employee promotions, creating a competitive work environment by regulating turnover rates and offers of pay raises, and making the issue of layoffs delicate where they are interested in retaining their best workers. 

In some workplaces, workplace relations can lead to conflict that varies from cooperative to confrontational issues depending on the number of trade unions and restrictions placed on employers. Areas such as Sweden and Norway were noted during research briefings for having high levels of cooperation amongst all stakeholders but also regulations surrounding management activities which restrict their level of control over future workforce size and long-term training programs respectively.

CIPD Level 7 Module 5 Assignment Brief 2: Justify the growth of low-quality jobs and the decline of high-quality roles in different parts of the economy and how to support voice which will contribute to improved levels of organizational performance and employee outcomes.

The pace of economic growth since the 1970s has not been strong enough to replace the lost jobs due to technological innovations in manufacturing processes. It is possible that, with more robust economic growth, better-quality jobs may have replaced many of the low-quality ones that exist today. So far this does not seem to be happening, but there are at least some signs that it may happen in the future.

The decline in high-quality roles might also be due partly to insufficient demand for all types of goods and services – so even if productivity advances create the potential for higher output per hour worked, they don’t necessarily translate into higher levels of demand for everybody’s output.

A number of factors have contributed to the growth of low-quality jobs, including an increasingly global workforce, increased levels of technological change through automation, and too much emphasis on shareholder value in society. One way to combat this might be for employees to organize together to help bring about improved conditions for workers.

There are many reasons why high-quality roles are declining or disappearing altogether while positions that offer no job security or career development opportunities are growing. Globalization, worldwide economic adjustment, and its effects on labor processes around the globe can combine with automation leading to labor shortages for certain industries while others remain understaffed. 


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CIPD Level 7 Module 5 Assignment Brief3: Analyse the role of collective bargaining in determining pay and review the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration, conciliation and mediation and their role in the resolution of work disagreements.

Collectively bargained agreements establish benefits, pay structures, work rules, and grievance procedures for all members of the bargaining unit. Unions also bargain on behalf of their members in order to provide them with opportunities that they might not otherwise have (such as access to training and development programs). If a union has negotiated into a contract certain terms about discipline or dismissal for a cause – such as notice periods and penalties before employment termination – then this may be sufficient protection against arbitrary management actions in these areas.

Collective bargaining usually occurs when employees form a trade union (or “bargaining agent”) to engage in collective negotiations over wages, hours and other terms of employment with an employer or employers’ organization) which is authorized under law.

The term collective bargaining refers to the method of negotiating and agreeing with an employer on questions related to wages, hours and working conditions. Most labor unions do it by means of negotiations between an elected representative of union members, called a “union representative,” and representatives from management for the company.

Collective bargaining dates back to when organized groups in America negotiated their terms of employment, such as pay rates and hours worked per day. These agreements were sometimes ratified by employers without any changes, but in most cases employees demanded or sent back any agreement they found unacceptable. 

CIPD Level 7 Module 5 Assignment Brief 4: Examine the design and implementation of grievance and disciplinary procedures to help mitigate risk and resolve problems.

Grievance procedures are meant to mitigate risk and reduce the number of problems that arise in a work environment. They are not an exit strategy for employees who have difficult personalities or wish to engage in interpersonal conflicts. Employees who are unhappy with their job should speak to their supervisors about these feelings instead of spending time doing paperwork, staying late or working during off hours, or abusing sick leave privileges. Grievances should be handled as quickly as possible so that grievance supervisors can redirect employees back towards their assigned duties. Sometimes relieving what is causing the conflict between two people—such as rewriting an employee’s job description—is enough to end hostilities. 


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Grievances can help create a system of checks and balances between students and the institution by reporting any off-campus incidents or interfering with on-campus relationships to provide an academic setting conducive to learning.

Both institutions are able to document the number of incidents they have had for outside populations, institutions are able to process all formal complaints in a timely manner, students are now aware of their rights as an individual, institutions now have documented records that could be used in legal proceedings if necessary. By improving transparency between both parties safeguards are put into place that protect both communities by not letting aggressors disrupt any productive environment within.

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