7OS04 Advance Diversity And Inclusion CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7OS04 Advance Diversity And Inclusion CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Example

Diversity and inclusion are important for any organization to have. Whether you’re looking at recruiting qualified candidates, building goodwill among communities of difference, or just wanting an enjoyable work environment with people who bring different skillsets than yourself–diversity can help.

In this optional unit, you will explore how a fair and diverse workplace impacts the quality of work being done. You’ll also learn about some common issues that have been addressed through communication training programs as well as strategies for managing these problems effectively in order to promote effective management culture overall. Finally, we’ll talk briefly about trade unions – their historical role within an organization’s hierarchy, present-day relevance today (including labor laws) so students feel informed on all matters related to employment law-related topics before they graduate.


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Achieving a diverse workplace is important to maintain company morale and productivity. With increasing numbers of people from marginalized groups like LGBTQIA+, it’s more crucial than ever for companies not only to embrace but also to support all members in order to create an inclusive environment that allows everyone involved with great ideas, able workers or consumers, alike.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 1: Critically evaluate the concepts of diversity and inclusion at work.

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic. Ideas about what it means vary, but many people agree that we need more of this type of thing to be successful and happy at work! Yet there’s some confusion on how exactly organizations should go about implementing diversity: Is equal opportunity meant as an overarching policy? Or would managing differences between coworkers better suit their needs instead? Equally importantly without understanding each perspective no one can decide if they’re getting enough exposure or not- which will leave everyone feeling unhappy all around.

Our diverse society is made up of many different types and ages, genders, disabilities (mental and physical), socioeconomic classes. These differences manifest themselves in the workplace as well: one’s age can affect their ability to work while certain religions may be legally protected from discrimination based on creed or ethnicity; others still must deal with an aesthetic difference such as who gets hired if both candidates possess tattoos all over their bodies. This becomes even more complicated when sexuality enters into things too.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 2: Examine the key changes that have shaped the supply of labor in the UK in recent decades. 

Immigration patterns, social changes, and the breakdown of a breadwinner model have all combined to create an environment that is favorable to those with mental health illnesses. The Equality Act 2010 allows for equal opportunities in employment as well as government services like healthcare or education – both legally protected rights which give people more confidence they can take care of themselves without worrying about discrimination over their condition!

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 3: Critically evaluate the concepts of vertical, occupational, and time segregation within the labor market.

There are many patterns of vertical segregation, such as underrepresentation for women and black/ethnic minorities in senior occupations; earnings disparity between genders or racial backgrounds. There can also be occupational biases where one gender dominates certain jobs over others based on their qualifications like male-dominated “male” professions that require physical strength while female-dominated fields often focus more heavily on education than technical skillset requirements (e..g., nursing).


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 4: Evaluate sociological persistence of patterns of segregation and inequality within the UK labour market. 

Our society is shaped by the choices we make. These social constructs affect everyone in some way, whether consciously or not, and can lead to workplace discrimination when they go unacknowledged for too long with negative outcomes on both sides of that equation (the person doing wrong as well as those being mistreated). People who face prejudice often feel like outsiders even if they don’t outwardly fit into what others expect from their gender/sexuality etc., but eventually, these feelings will disappear if left unchecked due-in large part because humans are wonderfully forgiving creatures.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 5: Assess the extent to which equality legislation is effective in creating work cultures that value diversity and promote inclusiveness.

Diversity in the workplace is essential for success, and when it comes to attracting new talent or innovating more effectively there are plenty of benefits. But how does diversity affect productivity among your employees–is it really worth all those headaches?

A study conducted by Catalyst at Harvard Graduate School found that diverse teams outperformed non-diverse counterparts across industry verticals despite having fewer participants on average (which means less engagement). The key seems do come down not just singularly focusing on race/gender identity but rather looking at everyone equally so you can tap into their full potential.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 6: Analyse the moral arguments for managing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusiveness. 

Diversity is an essential ingredient for success in the workplace. It can be used as a tool to attract new talent, innovate more effectively, and ultimately increase productivity among employees by reducing underperformance or absenteeism due to lack of engagement with coworkers on both personal levels (e.g., racial background) but also professional ones such as gender identity/expression which might not fit stereotypical work styles expected from each respective group at your company especially when diverse teams have been found effective across industry verticals.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 7: Critically evaluate practices aimed at managing and promoting diversity and inclusion at work. 

The effectiveness of diversity and inclusion policies is a hot topic. With the recent rise in interest, there has been researching done to investigate their benefits as well as some drawbacks or disadvantages that come with these types of initiatives. One thing we’ve learned so far? In order for it to be effective, you need employees from all walks not just those within your company’s walls who have the access/can bring this perspective into the work culture.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 8: Each of these topics may be considered a core function for any business, but they also have the potential to make or break one’s enterprise. 

A recruitment and selection process can attract top talent while ensuring against low morale among employees who feel like their worth isn’t being recognized by management; performance management ensures that managers know what motivates them (and not just themselves) when promoting advancement opportunities within an organization – if it turns out there was no need then this would reflect poorly on both parties involved as well as tarnishing reputations with regards future prospects resulting from wasted time spent performing tasks incorrectly due lack staff error rates going unchecked until now.


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 9: Discuss the extent to which opportunities to share and celebrate cultural traditions/differences help to promote an environment in which diversity and inclusion are valued.

Raising awareness, celebrating difference versus approaches that seek to minimize it; supporting and advising those who want a more diverse workplace. How the line manager’s role in promoting diversity and inclusion can help create communities with cohesive societies by critically reviewing their own language behaviors as well as attitudes towards others’ cultures or beliefs.

The importance of being prepared not only for challenging inappropriate behavior but also modeling positive ones yourself through fair decision-making practices which promote transparency will equip you better than ever before so don’t wait any longer.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 4 Assignment Task 10: Critically evaluate the historical and present-day role of trade unions in managing equality and supporting inclusion. 

The traditional, masculine power dynamic within an organization means that women often face challenges in the workplace. From prioritization of overtime pay over maternity leave to slow recognition for their needs as employees–many aspects which affect them more than men due simply by virtue female gender-women can be seen throughout society being underrepresented at every level from government positions all the way down through individual businesses or companies’ lower levels like sales teams who are largely comprised of males with less experience doing womanly duties such the employment landscape should never come about where one sex has an undue advantage because then there will always continue to exist unequal treatment between genders no matter what changes happen around us.

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