7HR02 Resource and Talent Management to sustain success CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7HR02 Resource and Talent Management to sustain success CIPD Level 7 Module 6 Assignment Example

It is a well-known fact that companies spend lots of money and time to attract talent. If you invest in the right strategy, your employees will be loyal towards not just this company but also themselves as they receive raises every year because of how successful it’s been for them so far.

The Specialist Unit focuses on best practice strategies when it comes engaging with high-value individuals so they stay happy at work as well as improving performance levels across an organization by focusing efforts around ethical resourcing practices that ensure everyone has fair access opportunities without discrimination or unfair treatment whether this applies longer term, daily practical matters too alongside wider strategic issues surrounding how HR fits into business success stories.


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CIPD Level 7 Module 6 Assignment Task 1: Learn about the impact of the business environment on resourcing and talent management and the significance for strategy and practice, explain and debate the relevance to organizations, and present advice on workforce and succession planning.

The business environment is a crucial factor for an organization’s success. If the ecosystem has a high rate of change, organizations may need to manage uncertainty by innovating new products and services rather than relying on short-term solutions. In contrast, organizations that have a stable business environment may prefer more risk-averse strategies. The point is that every business faces different threats and opportunities – making it important for them to know what matters most in their competitive perspectives.

Organizations should assess the external factors they largely depend on for their businesses’ survival and be ready to react as conditions change within those environments or industries where they operate. 

The business environment has a significant impact on resourcing and talent management, by significantly impacting strategy, organization and planning.

In order to resource effectively, organizations must constantly monitor the environment in which they exist in a bid to try and detect changes early enough to be able to plan for these changes. Monitoring is best done through a number of sources such as external events updates from the media or competitors, investee company metrics, or market sentiment. Once a change in the environment has been detected it must then be classified to determine the potential strategic implications should it happen. This helps focus attention on what matters most at that point in time, so resources can be applied accordingly to minimize any potential fallout should be said event occurs.

CIPD Level 7 Module 6 Assignment Task 2: Evaluate attraction and retention, comparing ways in which organisations build and maintain positive reputations in key labour markets.

Attraction is the first stage of selecting workers, which includes publicizing every vacancy, attracting every type of applicant, and retaining our current employees. Retention requires excellent management skills to create a workplace that encourages loyalty. To have an effective strategy for attraction and retention it’s crucial that organizations manage two key labor markets – external labor market pressures/demand and internal labor market pressures. These are both equally important because they require different strategies to satisfy customers’ needs at various stages in the business cycle. Organizations must respond to these client demands with qualified staff who are capable of working across sectors or who are prepared for change if demand shifts respectively, otherwise it undermines their ability to carry out missions successfully throughout all stages in the economic life cycle.

CIPD Level 7 Module 6 Assignment Task 3: Learn about which technologies can be used to improve recruitment and retention, evaluating measures designed to reduce employee turnover.

One approach is to identify “at-risk” employees, the ones who are more likely to leave. Once you figure out what could be making them unhappy, you can focus on fixing that by improving their working conditions or upgrading their skills.

An additional way in which technology can help prevent employee turnover is with hiring systems that aggregate data based not only on resumes and interviews but also on off-the-record conversations between applicants and staff members. A system like this will tell the recruiter how closely an applicant matches the job profile plus let people make a less high-stakes decision about whether they want to go through with an interview when they might never have reached the conversation stage in the first place.

One of the most common issues in human resources management is employee turnover. Lots of research has been done that shows that improving recruitment and retention, while also reducing attrition can have a significant direct and indirect effect on an organization’s profitability.


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One of the best ways to retain employees is by evaluating measures designed to reduce attrition. These include performance management programs, rewarding successful work teams, restructuring jobs to make them more attractive, offering generous rewards for referrals of high-quality applicants, or conducting effective mid-career hiring programs.

CIPD Level 7 Module 6 Assignment Task 4: Evidence policy and practice in selection and induction, including developments in job analysis and debates about employee selection, referencing legal compliance and staff underperformance in organizations.

The debate in selection and induction currently pertains to the need for legal compliance and organizational effectiveness. Regarding the former, employees must be hired based on job-related abilities so they may not be discriminated against because of their age, gender, religious affiliation, or other immutable characteristics. Staff under representations are also necessary for an organization’s success. On the latter front, there is also a need for effective staff development programs that take into account individual needs as well as organizational resources if an organization wants to thrive economically. 


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To promote fairness without sacrificing efficiency organizations should adopt selection practices guided by principles of affirmative action which promote diversity through diverse hiring pools and diverse promotional opportunities while complying with all relevant anti-discrimination laws due to considerate treatment of potential applicants.

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