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7OS06 Well-being at work CIPD Level 7 Optional Module Assignment

7OS06 Well-being at work CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Example

This module will explore how to increase well-being at work by looking in detail the CIPD’s core values. The topics covered include self-development, leadership and management skills for promoting resilience among employees; developing an environment of inclusion that promotes diversity within and between teams/departments through workplace culture change (including positive reinforcement); goal setting with mindful processing techniques such as mindfulness meditation or yoga breathing exercises – all this is designed specifically on the two-week timeline so you can get started implementing changes right away.

This unit highlights the importance of wellbeing in today’s workplace to employer and employee outcomes. It provides learners with comprehensive knowledge about how to work, healthcare provisions are linked together for better overall well being as well as understanding social responsibilities organizations have towards their employees based on key theories within this area – all while also developing critical thinking skills necessary when engaging with an agenda focused mainly around Wellness initiatives themselves.


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 1: Critically evaluate the key theories and definitions that relate to wellbeing at work. 

The workplace is a place where people go to work every day, but did you know it can also be one of the most important aspects in your life? Key theories relating to wellbeing at work such as: engagement and burnout levels; positive psychology research on how employees feel about their job or company culture (corporate social responsibility); P-E fit which means having an appropriate balance between personal time spent outside working hours versus total number of hours worked each week. We will explore all these things more when we get into understanding psychological contracts that employers may have set up based off what they need from someone with different personalities types: hardiness vs resilience.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 2: Evaluate why wellbeing is important for employers and employees. 

The business case for wellbeing is clear. It has been shown that employees who are in good physical and mental condition have higher productivity than their less healthy counterparts, which leads to increased efficiency within an organization. However there’s also the impact on employee morale when workers feel engaged at work as well being healthier themselves due to more inclusive culture with lower rates of absenteeism or presenteeism (inability-to-work). Ultimately promoting organizational health promotes sustainability – something all businesses want these days.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 3: Examine the responsibilities of organisations to engage with workplace wellbeing. 

The law requires that employers have a duty of care for their employees, but they also need to take into account issues like corporate social responsibility and reputation. Taking both Business Ethics as well as a competitive advantage will provide the best results when looking at stakeholder interests in recruiting new hires or retaining current staff members by meeting minimum health/safety standards with an emphasis on minimizing workplace injuries through education programs about what’s appropriate behavior under different circumstances so there isn’t any negligence suits filed against your business later down the road because somebody was poisoned without ever knowing how close he came getting jabbed.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 4: Examine the individual and group factors that impact on well-being at work.

Factors that can affect your mental health at work are stress, shiftwork, social support systems in the workplace and lack of sleep. These pressures often lead to increased levels of anxiety which cause an individual’s moods change over time due to this consecutive cycle effecting them physically as well mentally leading one towards depression or even developing full blown illnesses like arthritis early on if left unchecked long enough for things not get better soon enough with treatment options available today through medication prescribed by doctors should you need help coping keep yourself healthy.


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 5: Critically evaluate how a lack of support for employee wellbeing may impact on organizational and employee outcomes at work.

The impact of company wellbeing on individual outcomes is a well-known fact. For example, the CIPD reported that when employees have good mental health they are more likely to be productive at work and less susceptible to things such as stress or depression which can lead them into quitting their job out of workplace anxiety for instance. The same goes vice versa: poor levels in terms of this dimension will affect your own life negatively too – think about how much it impacts turnover rates among other aspects. 

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 6: Evaluate the management of wellbeing and its integration with other areas of people management activity. 

An integrative approach that promotes and enhances the well-being of employees is essential for any company. People practices integrate these various areas, including diversity & inclusion; organization design/developmental processes like organizational culture or hiring policies which can help to ensure everyone feels welcome in their work environment no matter what they look like on paper (or screen). Technology plays an integral role as well because it often has such powerful impacts not just at work but also outside of those four walls where we spend so much time conducting business every day – all thanks again to technology.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 7: Analyse wellbeing initiatives and the role of health promotion programmes and other interventions in the workplace

The benefits of promoting wellness at work are numerous. For example, through occupational health programs and safety assessments for long-term conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure; assistance with employee issues such as family care obligations that could result in an inability to perform one’s job adequately (which may cause them injury); promotion initiatives including financial incentives or mindfulness training which can help employees stay healthy while they maintain productivity by maintaining mental balance even when stressed out on the job.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 8: Evaluate the tools and assessments used in workplace health and wellbeing to provide an evidence-based approach.

Creating an evidence-based approach that takes account of the tools, models and operating context is crucial. For example exploring current workplace issues like health problems in relation to job type as well as organization size or structure could be used when developing your strategy for tackling these kinds of difficulties with employees who may potentially have mental illness on top it all. 

CIPD Level 7Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 9: Critically evaluate key domains of creating and maintaining wellbeing strategies.

In this paper, we will look at the domains of wellbeing strategies. These include things like engagement and culture but also leadership skills for managers to use when it comes down making their employees feel valued in order create an environment where people want contribute more fully as well-being is not just something nice – its necessary.

A full guide on how your business can implement these important areas into daily operations so they have maximum impact has been written by CIPD which includes lots information about what needs doing from beginning through retirement stages with links included here as well.


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 10: Analyse the impact of wellbeing strategies on employer and employee experiences and outcomes. 

There is a strong link between employee wellbeing and productivity. For example, an organization with high levels of engagement will likely see lower costs through fewer accidents as well as increased creativity which can lead to innovative solutions in the workplace. Linking company success (such improved performance) back into how employees feel about their job makes sense: if they like what they do on any given day then chances are good that this means more satisfied customers – something any business owner wants..

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 11: Critically analyse how organizational culture and control shapes wellbeing at work. 

The effects of the culture and control – leadership encouraging athletic pursuits amongst employees. The different bodies that are affected, such as disabled people or mothers with children at home; how this affects their sense of well-being in comparison to society’s idea for what is right by saying “healthy.” I would like my essay to be more than just an informative article but rather something readers can learn from while still retaining its originality and creativity through specific examples from within paintings themselves.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 12: Discuss the problems inherent in individualizing wellbeing initiatives.

With the responsibility of wellness at an individual’s fingertips, many are finding that they can promote their own well-being by simply making healthier choices. However convincing organizations is more difficult than one would think because it requires looking past short-term gain to long-term success in working towards betterment for all parties involved.

With recent events proving how important self-care truly is—and with technology now available without having ever had access before–proliferating wellbeing may not only become easier but also profitable.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 13: Evaluate how the people management function can contribute to appropriate corporate cultures and strategies to support wellbeing.

The role of people management professionals in supporting sustainable wellbeing policies can be difficult. It is important to respect individual boundaries and bodies, while also managing the organizational issues concerning absenteeism absences due illness, presenteeism show up for work despite being ill) as well as performance efficiency/corporate image-wise; what people think about your company when they know it’s you who has to take care on these things instead. 

CIPD Level 7Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 14: Discuss the importance of supporting line managers in implementing sustainable wellbeing policies. 

A self-awareness exercise and L&D can improve the understanding of line managers. The issues surrounding implementing well-being initiatives in relation to other goals like team performance, quality, or costs are also addressed during these training for a more comprehensive approach towards managing people according to their needs rather than just treating them as numbers on paper. The wellbeing champion role promotes both organizational responsibilities as well individual accountability which is why we recommend this strategy at the company level too.

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