7LD01 Organizational Design Development CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7LD01 Organizational Design Development CIPD Level 7 Optional Module Assignment Sample 

Effective management of an organization is crucial for businesses to thrive. Influencing organizational structure and behavior with the right people development strategies can have a lasting impact on your business’s success in years to come, but it takes knowledge about different options available – this course will give you that understanding!

Focusing specifically on shaping company culture through effective designing methods makes clear how important good workplace design really is when trying to make sure employees are happy at work or requesting ideas from them instead of feeling bored all day long which leads back to improving productivity rates since they’re having fun doing what comes naturally without any stress getting involved.


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module Assignment Task 1: Critically evaluate theory and concepts in relation to ODD to gain an understanding of its principles and any key issues that underpin them.

Organizational Design and Development is a process that follows general principles and has some key issues. The objective of the organization development is to find a solution for any given issue confronting an organization. Traditionally, approaches to organizational design were viewed as problem-solving instruments, however new approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry also emphasize changing conditions of life processes such as climate change and clear skies environment by creation of structures with flourishing models for new generations; providing an opportunity for innovation and creativity.

The term “leadership management” is used to cover the process of managing subordinates in an organizational hierarchy who are required to undertake some form of group or individual responsibility. The aim is not only for these subordinates (who may include both managers and non-managers) to be able to carry out the responsibilities they need, but also for them personally to be recognized by their superiors as high achievers. Achieving this requires great care during the lead management process since any mistakes made can prove costly.

Knowing who you are leading (defined not just by formal lines on an org chart, but also by values) and building shared goals will improve overall performance.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module Assignment Task 2: Examine the meaning and value of ODD and review the rationale for and the complexity of organizational design, considering a range of organizational forms and the contextual relevance of these.

Organizational design (OD) is the process of deciding how an organization’s people and other resources should be structured and managed. OD includes decisions on how to configure an organization, establish objectives and allocate resources among tiers, set priorities for initiatives, implement policies to balance conflicting objectives, and assign responsibilities to ensure accountability. Serious consideration is given to such factors as customer needs, organizational culture, resource availability, and workforce skills.

OD has been embraced by many organizations because it allows the firm more flexibility in achieving competitive objectives. 

There are two dominant approaches to organizational design from a scholarly perspective.

The first is participatory design, which is often discussed in reference to the co-creation of knowledge or solutions within an organization. Participatory Design emphasizes how ‘building meaningful connections between people and ideas enhance creativity, therefore it explicates the power of networks for creating successful organizations. The second is rationalizing organizational structure, which offers a prescriptive approach that insists separation implies greater efficiency by removing distractions that slow production cycles.

Thus, Organisational Design has become more popular due to the complexity made by globalization and intellectualization phenomena experienced in many industries today (food industry notably).


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module Assignment Task 3: Develop an understanding of different methods and approaches to organizational development and how these align with organizational goals.

Organisation Development is the change process that can transform an organization into a more efficient, effective, and satisfying work environment.

There are numerous methods of Organisation Development. No single method is the answer for all needs, because each organization has its individual needs. The following are some common approaches to organizational development: 

Organizational change management involves assisting an organization or other system in accomplishing its value or mission by developing new ways of thinking about old problems, aligning different points of view to derive new strategies and solutions elegantly yet pragmatically solving difficult problems. 

It helps organizations identify what they need to improve or correct internally in order to manage their employees more effectively at every level while providing wealth generation opportunities for stakeholders at all levels.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module Assignment Task 4: Explore the role of people professionals in the creation of new organizational forms.

Organizational change is a complex process involving a set of interdependent elements, such as people, organization, and technology. An understanding of the role that each element plays in the development of new forms is important for someone who wishes to explore this area professionally.

People professionals can play an important role in identifying and then selecting employees who fit well into the new organizational culture that must be created to support it; they also may help establish clear expectations for behavior and performance within the organization. Professionals with experience implementing organizational change may create ways to position, communicate and motivate system members towards success at this critical time without causing too much disruption or fear among system members. 

People professionals are often not credited for their work, yet they contribute more than is commonly assumed. People professionals do much more than just “get people”. They help create organizational forms that can adapt to the challenges of the future. The new organizational forms of the future will require managers skilled in mobilizing knowledge workers and understanding how these virtual communities operate. Through data gathering, employees interactions, collaboration structures, and so on, people professionals aid organizations in taking steps towards becoming responsive to new situational demands.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module  Assignment Task 5: Examine responses and approaches to change, including strategies for employee engagement and reflection on personal skills and behaviors that influence successful implementation.

Engagement and reflection on personal skills and behaviors that define a successful leader is a key component in navigating change. Employees need to feel engaged in designing, implementing, and reflecting on the shift in culture required.

The lens of engagement should not only be used by leaders to explore how they can inspire their teams, but examined within an individual’s day-to-day responsibilities. Self-awareness may yield new behaviors needed for focused business success. Personal feedback from peers provides critical insights to allow an individual to examine what they do well and ways they might grow or improve so work can become more rewarding and fulfilling.


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There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to organizational change and employee engagement. But staying updated on the latest revisions in the field, as well as trying a number of strategies to see what works best for your circumstances can help you find one that does work for both your organization and its employees. 

Build an environment where all employees feel comfortable speaking up about problems they encounter at work or with other workers, or who feel dissatisfied with their personal performance. Ask them what they think needs adjusting – coming from a place of empathy instead of blame will enable you to address any given situation more productively. 

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