7OS05 Managing People In an International Context CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7OS05 Managing People In an International Context CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 5 Assignment Example

The United Arab Emirates is a rapidly growing country and as such, there’s an increased demand for a quality workforce. This has created challenges in finding qualified employees with the necessary skillsets who are also willing to relocate abroad–especially those from other gulf countries like Oman or Saudi Arabia.

What are the challenges of managing people in an international context? Have you ever considered what it’s like to work with different cultures, languages, and customs that might be foreign or unfamiliar? This level 7 assignment on Managing People In An International Context will help prepare students for their future careers by offering some tips about how they can make themselves more effective when working cross-culturally!

Focusing specifically on CIPD Assignment Help Level One provided around UAE/Dubai this course helps learners understand various organizational behavior patterns which may arise within organizations operating internationally.


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The Idea of international business operations has been around for centuries. But with technological advancements and advances in trade, it’s become more important than ever to be able to work across borders efficiently so that companies can continue doing what they do best-providing goods or services their customers want at prices no one else can beat!

The major challenges organizations face when operating internationally are diverse – but all centered on some form of cross-cultural communication between people from different cultures working within an organization.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 5 Assignment Task 1:  Analyse the different ways in which organizations operate, trade, and expand overseas, discussing the ethical issues in the field of international management and employment.

There are many ethical issues that arise in the field of international management and employment. Companies may be tempted to take advantage of people in undeveloped countries by offering jobs that pay very low wages for heavy work, depriving them of even paying for food costs. Investors also take risks because they believe if they do not invest now, it will be much more difficult later. There is often a lack of government regulation so it can be hard to find the right balance between getting rich quickly or staying fair and honest with everyone involved. Ethical dilemmas arise every day when taking over other companies overseas but good communication can prevent many problems beforehand.

Ethical considerations must be taken into account in the field of international management and employment. For example, take into account OFAC sanctions, corruption rules, human rights violators, and terrorist financing practices.

Maintaining an ethical viewpoint while simultaneously pursuing tangible objectives is not an easy task. But to help make the decision process easier for yourself when considering various values side by side it can be beneficial to analyse your situation in terms of dilemma theory. This way you are less likely to procrastinate because you are making a decision with one value at a time instead of combining all potential values together which makes it difficult for people’s brains to handle complex situations like this one through intuition alone. 

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 5 Assignment Task 2: Learn about how and why people management practices vary between different countries and regions around the world.

Organizations vary in their approaches to how employees are managed. Countries and regions around the world have very different work culture norms, attitudes about organizations’ management styles, ideas about what constitutes good management practices, and support systems for managing employees. 

Different countries also offer different statutory rights to workers-in particular with regard to compensation requirements. These differences can affect workers’ willingness to stay employed even with low wages or difficult working conditions, as many employers know all too well.


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Globalization has played a significant role in influencing the world’s economy, and its impact can also be seen within management. There are typically three types of management- that of Asian culture, European culture, and North American culture. In order to create a more cohesive workforce with diverse backgrounds, understanding these group dynamics is necessary.

CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 5 Assignment Task 3: Focus on the staffing of international organizations, and effective management of expatriate staff, and the major alternative staffing strategies which international organizations follow.

Over the last few decades, international organizations have been shifting from an orienting staffing practice that includes “hiring nationally qualified staff for overseas operations”, to a globalizing staffing practice that eliminates nationality as a factor that is used in determining to hire.

Some techniques for this kind of staffing are to recruit personnel into posts abroad and then repatriate them after a period of service; donate funds rather than staff; opt for temporary assignments rather than permanent ones; and provide incentives such as cost-of-living allowances.

It is important not to forget the skills of local managerial staff, as they are most likely very skilled at running daily operations. One way is to use their knowledge and skillsets is through the use of advisory boards or councils (pretty much like how things were done before international organizations came around), but this should be used in conjunction with other staffing strategies rather than replacing them entirely.


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CIPD Level 7 Optional Module 5 Assignment Task 4: Focus on the practicalities associated with managing people in an international context, specifically in the fields of performance management, diversity and inclusion, reward management, communication, and employee voice, talent management, and development, and flexible working practice.

International Talent Management is the consideration of the practicalities associated with managing people in environments with global workforce complexities. The practice involves recruiting, on-boarding, and retaining employees (that are located in an international context) by understanding changes that can impact outcomes when addressing social, economic, political factors. International Talent Management keeps in mind factors such as distance which keeps collaboration, communication, and trust at a different level than they’re typically at between domestic companies; language barriers which perplex both employees & leadership/management structures; internal disruption risks through environmental or natural disasters; higher risks for security breaches internally due to less commonly understood ‘cultural norms’. 

In order to be effective in the fields of performance management, diversity and inclusion, reward management, and organizational culture it is necessary to understand the theoretical foundations supporting these fields. Theoretical perspectives include a sociological perspective on social stratification and discrimination, a psychological perspective on work attitudes and behavior, a social-psychological perspective on empathy and its relation to discrimination reduction efforts. Understanding associations between gender identity/stereotype threat with creativity provides one more theoretical lens useful for understanding various issues related to diversity inclusion. In addition, theoretical frameworks from psychology help us formulate predictions about how managers’ personal qualities may influence their managerial effectiveness or vice versa–which helps us better understand ways that interpersonal dynamics can affect organizational processes.

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