7CO02 People Management & Development Strategies for performance CIPD Level 7

7CO02 People Management & Development Strategies for performance CIPD Level 7 Module 2 Assignment Example

CIPD People Management & Development Strategies for performance (7CO02) is an assignment that can be found on UAE Assignment Help. It provides UAE and Dubai students with guidance in the field of people management, development strategies, and techniques used by professionals within this industry to create successful teams or manage individuals at higher levels than they were previously accustomed too.

This assignment has to do with people management and development strategies for managers in the UAE. The goal is that they will learn about different ways of working, leadership styles, how organizations work together as well as their own strengths so when it comes time for them to take on new challenges or lead others effectively there are no surprises.


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People Management and Development: The key to sustainable growth. For many companies, people management is their biggest challenge. It’s not just a question of building the right skillset or generating talent- it requires an entire new approach that looks at how we can create better working conditions for employees while also keeping them engaged in what they do; all this will lead towards higher retention rates across teams which means lower turnover costs as well.

You will explore how professionals create value and deliver outcomes for organizations. You’ll study the benefits of delivering policy in line with organizational goals, as well as learning about evidence-based practices that are principles led from beginning to end – not just what works on paper but also their implementation into practice so it can be fully trusted by both staff members or managers without any question whatsoever.

Good managers know how important it is for employees, partners, and customers alike. The tone of voice should be casual but professional in order not to seem too pushy or intimidating when talking about your performance reviews- this will allow you more credibility than someone who speaks confidently without offering much information (which makes them come off as boastful). 

CIPD Level 7 Module 2 Assignment Task 1: How to explain the advantages and benefits of aligning people practice strategies with organizational objectives and learn about the ways in which organizations integrate people to practice with culture, brand, and values including the evaluation of data sources aimed at shaping people practice.

Integrating HR practices with organizational strategy can help you to get people aligned with what the organization needs to accomplish. For example, if the business is geared towards innovation, an HR function could hire for creativity and encourage feedback at all levels of leadership. This in turn ensures that your workforce will be more innovative in their contributions which will ensure your business is strong in this area over time.

Organizations must understand the people that they are recruiting, developing, and retaining. Integrating people practices into culture will magnify the effects of talent management on an orga organization’s performance by rippling through teams and improving staff engagement.

Big companies like IBM invest in various ways of assessing their personnel to identify key motivators like understanding what you want out of life (e.g., leisure, family life) and how far you’re willing to go (e.g., commute time). You can then find opportunities within that company or outside that cater specifically to these needs if it does not exist already at the moment. 

Aligning a person’s practice with the interests and objectives of an organization is important for two reasons. Firstly, from an HR perspective, people need to be committed to employers in order for companies to have operational control over employee management. Secondly, adding the personal meaning of objective of says company can increase employees motivation towards work.

CIPD Level 7 Module 2 Assignment Task 2: Develop an understanding of contemporary people practice through evaluation in the fields of resourcing and performance management.

Resource human resources managers work to find and develop talent. They maintain a constant dialogue with management, business leaders and strategic HR teams about current and future needs.

Performance is the degree to which an individual or group has met criteria for competence and can be assessed against specific expectations set out in advance. Performance may refer to the outcomes of people, processes, products, or services related to achieving goals. Evaluations of performance are critical for identifying what activities need more attention so that business objectives may be achieved also important for assessing the success of leadership within an organization as well as equitable rewards according to different positions on organizational hierarchies.

Contemporary people practices involve evaluating both resource and performance management. One of the most important aspects of an organization is its people. These employees shape the company with their personality, skillset, and efforts that go into promotion and engagement initiatives. Organizations need to ensure that these employees are engaged in order to maximize productivity and morale around working practices including family-friendly policies such as maternity/paternity leave with pay, flexible work arrangements for parents with young children, breastfeeding breaks if feasible, and paid time off or unpaid FMLA leave for those caring for elderly relatives or terminally ill family members. 

CIPD Level 7 Module 2 Assignment Task 3: Delve into the fields of learning and development and organizational design and development. Understanding the role and influence of people professionals is a key part of your learning for this unit.

A human resource professional is a person who understands how organizations work by advising people about their careers and dealing with human resources issues in the workplace.

An HR professional may be responsible for analyzing, patterns of employee attendance, analyzing data on compensation levels, managing staff consultancies, and providing counseling services to employees or managers. Anyone reading this article should learn more about the field of human resource professionals because it’s one of the most pivotal professions in understanding how organizations work.

Organization development and learning and development professionals need to understand the role people play in organizations, and how they can draw on this understanding to assist with the design and implementation of organizations. This is vital if we want to help them find their peak performance as individuals, as teams, as managers/directors/executives, communities. 

The most important aspect of knowing about people for those professions is connecting what they do at work — that is tasks they perform–with who they are as human beings. This builds a deep understanding of their perspectives on performance challenges and it helps identify gaps between where people’s perspective ends and where your perspective begins. 


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CIPD Level 7 Module 2 Assignment Task 4: Debate the merits of the different and varied ways in which people’s practice is organized and structured in organizations.

Different ways of organizing people to make decisions about how they live together are made on the basis of what is best for their aims, situation, and needs. Some countries have organized their people in one way, others different. Being more aware of the possibilities can help us to better understand why things are happening as they are.

Science has yet to find a universal solution that’s always best for all humans – it has also not found solutions that aren’t dependent on traditions or institutionality. 

The most important thing is finding out which style addresses your own needs – or maybe even inventing your own organization. Organizations open up many possibilities for how people organize themselves functionally and structurally so please explore them all.

The pros of different and varied ways in which people practice are organized in organizations are that it is important for diversity, encourages more diverse co-operation, provides role models who can encourage the others’ parents to get on board with gender-neutral schooling.

CIPD Level 7 Module 2 Assignment Task 5: Evaluate the practical and ethical challenges presented by data analytics and technological developments.

Data Analytics, at its core, means the use of mathematics to extract valuable insights that can be used to make better decisions.

The challenges are only practical and ethical if you tie them with technological developments. If these advancements are supposed to help us discover new insights or explore our data in more detail for any number of reasons, the inquiries should instead be focused on what each company is doing with their data analytics team–teams that may focus on customer care services or corporate activity stream analysis. Even then- records show that companies jump into bottomless pits without even mentioning ethics or legality because they’re looking for ways to extract value first and foremost before costs take effect downstream.

Present-day ethical challenges in data analytics and technological developments depend on the intentions of those who use such analytical techniques as well as what is being used to analyze the data. These considerations, combined with the history and knowledge that we have about quality analytics practices, highlight some key ethical issues that arise from employing analytics – notably: viewing people as a set of variables; impact on individual self-knowledge; and implicit biases. Our understanding of these issues makes it easier for us to approach them ethically and sensitively. Perhaps this will make our world more inclusive, nice, comfortable – simply better.

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