7CO03 Personal Effectiveness, Ethics & Business acumen CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7CO03 Personal Effectiveness, Ethics & Business acumen CIPD Level 7 Module 3 Assignment Example

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This course will explore the fundamentals of human resource management and assist you in understanding how it is crucial for promoting inclusion, influencing others through fair business practices as well as developing your own skillset.


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The importance of being a successful employee is often brought up in the workplace, but what does it take for an individual to be considered “successful?” How will you know if your co-workers think they’re achieving their goals or not? In this course, we’ll find out! We start by looking at fundamental theories and concepts from different disciplines. These include organizational behavior literature on motivation & incentives as well as management theory texts focusing specifically on leadership roles such that one can develop their business acumen skill sets needed today’s competitive marketplace where there are many channels through which decisions impact stakeholders negatively if done wrongfully.

In today’s business world, it is essential to have personal effectiveness and ethics. This course provides an introduction into how you can make better decisions for both your professional life as well as home life. In addition to these topics we discuss other important skills such like leadership development or financial literacy that are necessary in any modern day entrepreneur.

The Personal Effectiveness, Ethics & Business acumen skill set is important because they help me be effective at meeting goals while maintaining professionalism which creates better relationships among staff members as well gives off great impressions during interviews or presentations.

Ethical behavior and insightful decision-making are vital in any business. These skills can only be developed through experience, which is why it’s important to develop people who have these qualities early on in their careers or else they may never achieve them!

With this excellent understanding of personal effectiveness, ethics & business acumen you will find yourself well prepared for your professional journey ahead!

CIPD Level 7 Module 3 Assignment Activity 1: How to critically assess different ethical standpoints in people’s practice and how ethical behaviour maintains high standards.

Ethical behaviour maintains high standards by recognizing the limits, boundaries of that ethical practice. To maintain a high level of competence, the criteria is typical that ethical practice promotes wellbeing for all and respects diversity and individual realities. The process often involves fair and just processes that follow principles such as “do no harm”, “make good choices”, and “respect others”.

The people practicing may share overlapping perspectives on what we should do overall but their decisions will differ because they rely on different skills, acquire information in different ways or come from research areas or schools with particular biases. We all need to be able to respectfully disagree as these disagreements help us examine the assumptions behind our beliefs. It also helps us go one step closer towards consensus building.

CIPD Level 7 Module 3 Assignment Activity 2: How to consider business improvement in relation to working lives evaluating the promotion of well-being, fairness, and the contribution of personal integrity within organizations as well as evaluating the benefits and costs of collaborative methods both internally and externally across a variety of business boundaries.

With the rise in mental health issues, workplace wellbeing is more important than ever. With so many different businesses around the world, it can be difficult for employees to find an organization where they feel like their needs will actually get met; however, this does not mean there isn’t room on every corner. As long as companies start thinking about how best to match employee interests with what matters most through strategic planning or even just actionable projects then things will only continue getting brighter at each location. 

Businesses need to take a holistic approach when it comes to employee well-being. Innovative companies who promote collaboration and promotion of personal integrity stand out as leaders in their industry, while those that only focus internally or externally will become extinct within this century due lack innovation from employees without regard for what’s going on around them.

There are many different ways to improve business. One way is by promoting well-being, fairness and personal integrity within organizations as well as evaluating the benefits of collaborative methods both internally or externally across a variety of boundaries for their company’s operations.

CIPD Level 7 Module 3 Assignment Activity3: Learn how to achieve and maintain challenging business outcomes through an understanding of the business, and self-awareness and improvement to support your career progression.

Business Management involves the components of financial, marketing, and strategic management to achieve project or organizational goals. With all aspects of your work-life needing equal attention, it is essential to plan ahead and do a self-analysis for continuous improvement in order to maintain challenging business outcomes.

Business management helps businesses address their needs by implementing various strategies so as create a profit margin with profitable growth. The major principles in executive leadership can also help you grow as an individual into becoming an effective businessperson who integrates self-awareness and development into achieving challenging business results.

This understanding of business growth is achieved through consultative coaching. Consulting is our profession, but it’s also personal for us – that passionate attention to the details give the person who hires us expectation they cannot provide on their own.

We believe in continuous improvement and feedback loops for everyone involved. The ability to see yourself objectively can be challenging, so we are here to help bring your biases into awareness with actionable steps you can take today.

With little to no material corporate experience, it can be difficult to find the right job and truly stand out from the competition. The good news is that there are plenty of approaches and strategies that you can employ to start improving your skills and preparing for the future.


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CIPD Level 7 Module 3 Assignment Activity 4: Justify the benefits of maintaining a passion for learning, evaluate the need for continuing professional development, and the merits of evidence-based critical thinking.

Evidence-based critical thinking is as integral as teamwork or leadership skills. It’s the ability to understand different perspectives, evaluate impartial evidence and come to a reasoned conclusion. 

In an increasingly connected world, with many job sites requiring online applications only, it’s important that people maintain a passion for learning because those who don’t will eventually be left out of the race. 

Professional development is imperative for having a future in fields such as engineering & science. A deep understanding of how things work provides not just monetary benefits but also peace of mind about personal decisions made with respect to changing environment. Evidence-based critical thinking is the foundation on which one must stand when demanding justice from society or advocating for change in policy/law at home.

Learning also helps to keep one’s brain active. The mind is a muscle, and similar to muscle tissue it needs exercise for improved function. By reading, listening, or viewing materials critical of our current opinions or beliefs helps us avoid dogma and rigid thinking patterns which may have unintended consequences on team dynamics. Finally, by reading diverse points of view we can see shades of gray where there can be different shades of opinion between right and wrong with objectivity being the key factor determining what is true or not rather than personal preferences or self-interests. 

CIPD Level 7 Module 3 Assignment Activity 5: Demonstrate behaviours associated with effective influencing and decision making as well assessing the benefits of networking.

It is important to think of our behaviors as a continuum, meaning they will differ depending on the context. For example, in some contexts, one might be more assertive and forceful, but in other contexts, one would err on the side of caution. It’s really up to you where you want your extremes to be

If you are talking about decision making then this question can seem difficult because it is all too easy for us to convince ourselves that we’re right even when we’re not. Even though this might not happen consciously, what many psychologists believe is that there are rational arguments for saving than spending money.

Learning is a lifelong process and it’s never too late to learn. It’s important to identify a mentor who has a strong influence on decision-making. They should be able to teach you how they manage the acquisition of knowledge, data gathering, analyzing/processing information for decision making, make decisions on the basis of values, professional values, and other values relevant to achieving goals impinging on the task at hand. Effective influencing includes one aspect which is all about understanding personal tendencies towards flexibility when faced with an ethical dilemma. Critical thinking in combination with appropriate evaluation must take place in order for one to assess what is best based on all available evidence in order not blindly following beliefs or presumptions.

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