7CO04 Business Research In People Practice CIPD Level 7 Assignment

7CO04 Business Research In People Practice CIPD Level 7 Module 4 Assignment Example

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A major part of our work involves business research, which entails gathering information from reliable sources such as databases or interviews with key stakeholders involved within different aspects related thereto; this includes things like human resource issues across various industries — including manufacturing–and then using this data analysis alongside other learned skillsets under their belt when providing counsel on matters pertaining specifically towards improving effectiveness through process improvement activities.


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Qualified people professionals will be required to research relevant topics and write reports that can persuade key stakeholders in the organization to change or adopt a particular policy and practice. This core unit will equip you with the skills to be able to define, design, and undertake a business research project. It focuses on developing the ability to produce an integrated report based on evidence and to include your own recommendations and critical reflection.

CIPD Level 7 Module 4 Assignment Activity 1: How to plan a business research project including examination of themes that would add value to the organization.

That would depend on what you want to research. If it is organizational, editing, grammar/spelling errors, or language mistakes then semi-professional investment can be used. However if you are looking for complex work including data analysis and drawing conclusions about the company’s productivity then professional investment will be needed.

A research project plan should have the following elements:  

  • Research problem or issue. 
  • Research designation including description of objectives, hypotheses, research questions, etc. 
  • Significance of the study for advancing understanding in a topic area. 
  • The proposed method/design of inquiry followed by an explanation about why this methodological approach is best suited to the problem at hand and how it will address shortcomings found in prior work on similar topics. 
  • Expected gains for knowledge development and dissemination among policymakers, practitioners, researchers, academic communities that overlap with your particular field; sources of funding; expected timelines; anticipated impact on target audience (e.g., through dissemination).

CIPD Level 7 Module 4 Assignment Activity 2: Critical evaluation of key publications and terms of reference will be undertaken, and a range of questions established to support the project focus and developed outcomes.

The key to a successful project evaluation is knowing what you’re going to evaluate before you even start. In order to support your question, I would need additional information including the project’s focus and the expected outcomes of the work. In this case, for example, does your workplace have a high turnover rate? If so, they might want to find out why so they can better manage their staffing levels in the future. A more in-depth explanation would be essential for a comprehensive answer with research tailored specifically to suit your organization’s needs.


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There are many ways to ensure that a project is successful. One of which includes ensuring that it meets the client’s goals, objectives, and needs. We take every measure necessary in order to produce an optimal outcome for our clients by asking questions throughout the process about how they want something done so there are no surprises at the end. Additionally, we ensure clear communication with them so they can provide feedback on any concerns or change requests before the release date so things stay on budget and deadlines are met.

Ultimately you need to know what you’re aiming for when designing anything because without knowing where you’re going even halfway through your journey, it’s much more difficult to arrive at your destination. 

CIPD Level 7 Module 4 Assignment Activity 3: Distinguish between primary and secondary data, conduct cost and benefit analysis, and research ethical issues around data collection for your project.

 Primary data is collected from surveying a small sample, which may lead to bias in the results. Secondary data is collected from surveying a large population. It can be costly to collect primary or secondary data, and there’s always a trade-off between the cost of collecting the information and how accurate it will be.

A benefit of secondary data collection is that you don’t have to conduct an ethical review process before going public with survey results. Another way of thinking about this is that secondary sources provide second opinions for all researchers; they are what you use when your first source disagreed with your hypothesis (or vice versa). Finally, analyzing someone else’s findings can help give people ideas on topics worth conducting research on in the future.

Primary data is collected for the explicit intention of answering a research question, but secondary data is collected for other purposes. For example, I might collect primary data if I want to figure out how people feel towards apple pie. If I wanted, though, to know what ingredients are used in apple pie or how long it takes to bake an apple pie, then I would need secondary research because those topics were not my original intention.

Cost-wise it can be less expensive and sometimes more time-efficient to use secondary research; however, there’s not always good information available about what you’re looking for since the intention behind collecting the data was different (e.g., marketers often don’t share their true response rates). 

CIPD Level 7 Module 4 Assignment Activity 4: Design an appropriate strategy for analyzing and organizing your data and finally develop conclusions and business-focused recommendations as an outcome of the project and reflect on how you could improve future project design and delivery.

Design the analysis and organizing strategy with a business-focused outcome in mind. Remember, data is just one tool among many that you have to take into account when considering your company’s success or shortcomings. However, it can provide clarity into problems that may not be obvious otherwise. Regardless of whether you are an employee at a CEO level, the ultimate goal of any analysis should be to either increase revenue or decrease costs–the results are different depending on who your one recipient is for this info. 

The manager should design an analytical chart based primarily on each team’s output during the last quarter–for example production space access versus quota outputs by staff members participating in production processes, etc.


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The customer would want to strategize based on business-related needs and keep in mind the potential future of the project. There is no “one size fits all” approach, and it depends on what you need and what you expect. The priority for this project will heavily depend on current data infrastructure and how complex your organization or department is with regard to its datasets or data flow.

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