Globalization Essay Sample

Globalization Essay Sample

Globalization is a phenomenon that has bought a drastic change in the world. It is a topic in geography. If you want help in writing assignments on the topic of globalization then you can use the below sample.

Globalization is the procedure that includes the integration of economic, social, and political activities of people, especially in Central Asia Politics. It can also be referred to as a process of emerging international networking. Globalization also includes increasing the independence of states or nations across the world. It has promoted international migration. There are no restrictions on the movement of people from one place to another.

Globalization as a concept has evolved during 1980.  International migration has become a possibility as the global free-market capitalist economy of the world required the movement of people for various reasons. The 2 basic reasons for international migration are to bring improvement in human capital and the other is an increase in requirement for cross-cultural interaction for promoting economic integration at the regional level.


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Types of globalization

The different types of globalization are:

  • Ecological
  • Political
  • Cultural
  • Technological
  • Economic
  • Financial
  • Sociological

Elements of globalization

Globalization as a concept consists of different elements these are:

Flow of trade

It includes eliminating the trade barriers between different nations and enabling the free flow of products or services.

Flow of economy

This element of globalization includes developing a secure environment for promoting the flow of capital across borders.

Flow of technology

It includes permission for the free flow of advanced technology from developed to developing nations.

Movement of labor

This element involves the development of a healthy atmosphere for talented employees so that they can move easily from one nation to another. It means that globalization makes a significant contribution to eliminating unemployment and poverty.

Flow of communication

It includes enabling peaceful communication between the nations of the world. It will help nations in developing an understanding of cultures, lifestyles, and traditions of other nations.

Influence of globalization

With the increase in globalization, it has become very much essential for analyzing its influence on the nation of the world. For analyzing the effect, we will examine its different elements.

Influence of globalization on gross domestic product

The total value of all products and services produced within the boundaries of the nation within 12 months period represents the GDP of the nation. It mainly represents the country’s economic output. The continuous development in the GDP of a nation represents the positive influence of globalization.

Impact of globalization on industrialization

The main objective of internalization is to help developing nations in becoming developed. The procedure of transforming a developing nation into a developed nation is known as industrialization.

Influence of globalization on human resource index.

Globalization comprises the flow of education, labor, health, and many other aspects which lead to the overall development of a nation. Human development index assists in analyzing the influence of internalization. The human development index is calculated based on 3 elements are life expectancy, per capita income of a country, and education index.


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Advantages of globalization

The main advantage of globalization is that it assists in the sustainable development of society. Other advantages are:

·  Increased employment ‘

An increase in employment opportunities in the nation is the biggest advantage of internalization. The global market and the emergence of Multinational corporations provide new employment opportunities to people.

·Easy availability of raw material

People in developed nations are expanding their business in developing nations because of the easy availability of raw material and other resources. Such organizations purchase raw material at lower costs and produce final goods. They sell products or services at higher costs which ultimately leads to profit for the host nation. Internalization makes a significant contribution to the flow of foreign currency and wealth in the nation which can be further use for the development of the country.

· Increase free trade

Globalization has made the flow of products or services convenient. It is free trade and lesser subsidies that have to enable manufacturers to expand their business in the international market. Nowadays, because of internalization, the market for international trading is growing at a very fast rate.

· Communication between nations

Communication is very much crucial in resolving all types of problems. It assists people in sharing their thoughts, lifestyles, experiences, etc. It is internalization that has bought drastic improvement in the way people communicate with each other.

· Easy accessibility of international facilities and services

It is because of internalization, people in the country can easily have an access to international facilities like consumer goods, health, and education, technology, etc. Students can now easily visit other countries with the motive of studying.

Disadvantages of globalization

Few disadvantages of globalization are:

The exploitation of developing nation

Globalization has given rise to an increase in the intensity of competition between different industries. As a result, outsourcing to developing nations is growing at a faster rate as environmental costs and labor are lower, and profit is higher. This increasing industrialization is exploiting the natural resources and skilled labor of the developing nations.

The developing countries supply raw material to the developed countries, where after the production the final product is sold at a much higher price not only in their country but also in the developing countries from where they obtain the raw material for that product.

Cultural homogenization

The main purpose of internalization is to enable the free flow of culture. It is the culture and trend of the developed nation which is attracting a large number of people living in developing and underdeveloped countries. As a result of this, they are forgetting their own tradition, culture, food, attire, custom, belief, and rituals. The world that is known for diversity is now becoming homogeneous.


It has been concluded that the world has become a supermarket consisting of people belonging to different countries. Another thing which has been found is that globalization has bought drastic improvements in the living standard of people.

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