Leadership Life Cycle Essay Sample

Leadership Lifecycle Essay, UAE

In this sample essay, we will discuss the leadership lifecycle.

Leadership is an essential pillar of any organization. A good employee can make the organization good, but a good leader can make a company the best. Leadership must have a growth sequence. A point a leader is born, a period meanwhile gets matures as a leader, and eventually leads legacy. A leader might die too. Leadership’s end is not physical death. It comes as shattered confidence, immoral behavior, dullness, incompetency, or harm of authority. A leader might be at the peak of the leadership life cycle and proceed promptly to end by a set of foolish choices. 

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Importance of Leadership Lifecycle

Leadership provides strength to any organization. The growth of a leader is a must with the development of an organization. As a business grows, the responsibilities and roles of the leader also increase. Hence, a leader must go through the lifecycle of leadership to handle greater responsibilities.

Lifecycle of leadership

The lifecycle of leadership has various stages in the growth of a leader. Some of the stages are as follows:

Beginning of leadership

 A leader’s journey begins when he or she starts to take his or her own decisions and manages him or her. While working with an organization, a full-fledged leader identifies leadership talent and abilities in the potential leader and starts to awaken it out. 

She or he inspires them to examine this capability and expand it. As leadership is a portion of them, they typically approach this part and are eager to carry on fresh challenges. 

Growth of Leadership

A fresh leader starts a growth path with the guidance of an experienced leader, coach, or mentor. A leader grows by analyzing and discovering lessons from mature leaders’ mistakes and successes. Besides, The growth appears from living in the channels and undergoing failures and progress. 

Moreover, A leader in the series starts to imagine more limited about success and often regarding legacy. He or she might try out different leaders for guidance. He might see to leaving an influence than his position and his role. A focus here on continued growth as a leader but also passing on what is learned.

End of leadership

The end of a leader is visible by their activities and performances. Some standard pointers are:

  • Lack of liability
  • Incompetency/reduction of will or attempt to learn and grow
  • Impassivity
  • Not promoting a fresh peer of leaders
  • Immoral behavior
  • Falsehood
  • Deceit
  • Engaged in simply helping themselves, usually at the cost of others
  • Absence of esteem with their partners or team 


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Leadership lifecycle in UAE

In UAE, the leadership lifecycle covers the following criteria according to the Dubai University:

  • Working on making themselves exceptional leaders 
  • Develop the skill sets necessary to become a leader
  • Join a group of professionals with common goals to enhance leadership quality
  • Learn from mature leaders through case studies, interactive presentations, group mentoring, and evaluations.
  • Assess their leadership strategy


It is clear, a leader must go through each stage of the leadership lifecycle.  A leadership lifecycle is a never-ending cycle for a leader. A leader’s growth depends on how efficiently he or she follows the cycle. Since it creates a path for a person to become an extraordinary leader.

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